Survival mode

We’ve been in survival mode, with Logan’s never-ending ear infection. He’s on day 8 of Augmentin and still just as miserable as he can be. Even I have gotten sick, just a cold, but my lack of rest isn’t helping my recovery. Thank goodness for Jenny. My old college dorm neighbor is a nurse-practitioner at Seattle Children’s, in the ENT department. She was able to get me in quickly for an appointment (with her!) and then in the earliest available surgery slot, June 1. Without her help it may have been July before we got on the surgery schedule, and I’m already dying that we have to wait another 8 days. Life is on hold until we can get this kid healthy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s plan lately, our trials and our blessings. Twelve years ago, Jenny lived in across the hall from me, moved to Seattle in 2010, then had trouble finding a job for almost a year before she got the position at Children’s. Her long-term job search was a trial. My three months with a sick baby has been a trial. And yet, there she was, in the right place and time to offer a lifeline when I needed it. Did God care about her job search? Does God care that my baby is in pain and I am exhausted? Yes, I think He does, and I think although we all have free will, He is carefully guiding us where we need to go.

Similarly, back in January, I started praying very specifically that Christopher would sell a satellite. Every day in January I prayed that he would make a sale by the end of January. He was fired on the 27th, not destined to be an asteroid miner. For Arkyd/Planetary Resources, anyway. But I found that my faith wasn’t shaken, in the least. I found the whole thing kind of a joke with God. What did He have up His sleeve?

While Christopher searched for a new job, he spent every day working with his uncle, who owns several businesses, including The Root Beer Store. His uncle, it turned out, was in desperate need of a business consultant. One that would work for free root beer. So Christopher got to spend 10 weeks doing something he enjoyed, and it kept him from puttering around the house, where he would have just cramped my style, anyway. His uncle got the help he needed. And within two months Christopher got an offer from Expedia. With a signing bonus that covered his 10 weeks of unemployment.

God cares about all of us. He cares about a nurse looking for work, a baby with an ear infection (and his mom), a rocket scientist turned businessman, and a guy who owns a root beer store. And He answers prayers. Just not always in the way you expect him to.

And does Christopher like Expedia? I think he does. It’s no asteroid mining, but I think the work is interesting, the people are nice, and the hours and pay are good. He told my dad when he picked him up from the airport last month, “I really just took the Expedia job for Lauren.” And my dad said, “Yeah, I took a job for Lauren in 1984 and I’ve been there ever since.”

Here are a few pictures of us in survival mode. Ben snapped a few. The last one is dinner last night. Taco salad, one of my “don’t feel like making dinner” meals.


8 thoughts on “Survival mode

  1. It's interesting how we can look back on our life and see the Lord's hand – like why would I care about having an LDS OBGYN when I was getting pregnant with Carson – ff to 2 years ago – and then having this LDS OBGYN that understood the same thing about life, death, eternal families, and the need for me to get pregnant again after losing a baby? Yah, it makes sense. I've seen a lot of that in my life in the past few years. It kind of makes the trials you are going through a little easier – when you wonder and know that something else is in store. Great post. 🙂

  2. ok, so your don't feel like cooking meals resembles one of my RING THE DINNER BELL, MAMA DONE COOKED UP SOMETHING SPECIAL meals. Another reason I wish we lived next door to each other. Although with 4 kids, I doubt you ever have leftovers.I hear you with the God thing. So, so, so true.And great pics. Praying for wellness for your family in the coming days!

  3. Such fun pictures! You always look so gorgeous!I am so grateful for the knowledge we have that the Lord hears AND answers our prayers on His timetable and what is BEST for us … even if He is teaching us patience about different life directions during the process 🙂 !! And what a tender mercy when we can so clearly see His outreached hand in our life. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Your testimony strengthens mine. P.S. One day I will have to tell you about how my Grandfather prayed my brother home from his mission 🙂 !!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Lauren, its just what I needed today! Your testimony strengthens mine as well. This past year has given us many ups and downs, but in all of it I see the hand of our Heavenly Father and I know He will never leave me and my family, especially when we reach out to Him also. I am grateful for that!

  5. I can think of so many of those experiences as well. Sometimes looking back I really think that God sometimes has a sense of humor 🙂 I hope you all get well soon!

  6. Taco salad is something we have every week, since I pretty much never feel like cooking these days. At least you put your ingredients into nice bowls and made rice and beans. We usually end up serving the tomatoes and lettuce off the cutting board. Hope things get better and better for you all. Love ya.

  7. i think about the intricacies of the Lord's plan all the time. It's almost like "If you give a moose a muffin". If my OBGYN I liked hadn't moved, I wouldn't have found the best OB ever and without him, I never would have had the courage to have Brooklyn. If my mom hadn't died, my parents wouldn't have moved to UT and I wouldn't have gone to college there and met my husband. I think our lives are filled with "and then"s and when we take a moment to sit back and look at the story of our lives we see how the Lord has made things fall into place and truly blessed us.

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