A photo essay by Ben

Ben came in the house today and said, “I found a slime in the backyard, but I broke it.” Which translates to “I found a slug and squeezed it to death.” We had a discussion about respecting small creatures. And then we discovered that slug slime doesn’t wash off hands easily. While I was scrubbing his hands, Ben noticed my point-and-shoot camera on the counter and asked if he could take pictures. Hoping it would help him spend his time in a less destructive manner, I said yes. Later, I took a look at the pictures.

The first picture he took was of the poor, deceased slug. Sorry, dude, you slimed into the wrong place at the wrong time.

The backyard
Self portrait
Neighbor’s house
Megan and Gavin playing computer
Logan on the kitchen floor
Mom wearing mismatched pajamas and making dinner; Logan on the kitchen floor with a snotty nose
Gavin’s room
Posing for Megan


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