Tubes for Logan

Friday was the big day for Logan’s tubes. I woke him up at 6:15. Christopher got up and put on a white shirt and tie, and gave him a blessing before we left. I didn’t think about it, and it was nice of him to.

We arrived at 6:45, checked in, and were told we would be called back around 7:15. There was another baby in the waiting room, just a few weeks older, and they crawled around together. Logan was twice his size, but the other baby was already standing and cruising. Logan can’t even sit himself up yet. Logan was chatting away, though, while the other little boy was quiet. 
At 7:15 we went to induction room one. The nurse asked a few questions, then the nurse anesthetist came in. The doctor stopped by, as did the anesthesiologist. I felt really good about the whole thing. Everyone was incredibly solicitous, and everyone seemed surprised by how calm I was. When I told them he was #4 and we had done tubes before, they understood. After just a few minutes, I put him on the table (didn’t even have to put a gown on him) and held his hands while the nurse anesthetist gave him the gas. I expected him to struggle (both Shay and the nurse had warned me of this), but he was so good. He squirmed just a little and then was out. The nurse walked me around to the other side, to recovery room one. Within about 10 minutes, they wheeled Logan back in, and he started waking up. The doctor said everything went well, and the fluid they drained was super thick, so I knew we had made the right decision. 
The post-op nurse said normally they leave them in the bed for a few minutes, but because I was breastfeeding, they would hand him to me to attempt that. As the anesthesia wore off, he started screaming. And screaming. And screaming. It wasn’t a pain cry. It was a mad cry. At first, I knew he was still out of it. Then, he was fully alert and just plain livid. I offered the breast. The nurse gave him some Tylenol. We offered apple juice, water, graham crackers. The nurse suggested I walk the hall with him, then try walking him in the stroller. He wasn’t having it. The nurses looked concerned, more about how I was handling it than how he was. They asked, “Is this how he normally acts when he’s upset?” “Oh yeah,” I assured them. I have loud kids. In fact, it wasn’t near as bad as the way he screamed when his ears were infected. 
The other baby was wheeled into recovery room two and I could hear him wake up. He whimpered. Oh so quietly. And Logan continued to scream.
After about an hour, he decided maybe he would take a little nurse. He latched on and started sucking, and the nurse, happy he had finally calmed down, started talking through the discharge list.
“Um, sorry, he is really easily distracted when he nurses, would you mind please stepping out for a few minutes?” She was a little surprised but readily agreed. He popped off and fussed for a few more minutes, but then he calmed down, nursed well, and was himself again. I waved the nurse back in, and within a few minutes we were out of there. We got his ear drops from the pharmacy downstairs and left by 8:45.
The only pictures I snapped were of him playing in the waiting room. The rest just happened so fast. Overall, I was very happy with Seattle Children’s and glad we went ahead with the procedure. Hopefully we are over ear infections for a while.

One thought on “Tubes for Logan

  1. Noah screamed and screamed both times he had tubes. I can so relate! Glad it's over and done with and I hope it does the trick.

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