Park, pool, water park, Gigi, library…

The morning was on the cool side so I took the kids to the park early. We were there half an hour before the big kids complained of boredom. We went home and changed and met Caitlin at a nearby church member’s pool. We were there ten minutes before they complained it was too cold.

Luckily, Gigi was picking up Megan to spend the night, so she left to have fun. Then, Ethan took Gavin to the Ft. Jackson water park with Colin, so he had a great afternoon. Ben skipped his nap, and Logan’s was short, so the rest of us (me, Tim, and Cait) had a rough afternoon. I sat in the backyard for a long time while Ben played in the baby pool my mom bought. Logan, funny enough, is afraid of Bear (the dog). I think he’ll get used to him, though.


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