Doctor, Monkey Joe’s, Meltdowns

Logan woke up three times last night so I took him to Dr. Taylor this morning. Poor baby’s ears have been oozing for nine days. Getting in with Dr. Taylor, my childhood pediatrician, was just as easy as seeing our doc back in Seattle. “How many kids do you have now?” he asked kindly. He refilled my prescription for ear drops and also prescribed oral antibiotics, making sure I had good insurance. I assured him my husband wasn’t a student anymore and he could save the samples for someone who needed them.

Logan fell asleep in the car on the way home, which ruined any chance of a nap, and Ben was too excited about our afternoon trip to Monkey Joe’s to nap, either. Lucky for me, Allison asked to take Logan with her shopping at the mall, of all places. She packed him up and off they went. At dinnertime when we reunited, he looked reluctant to come back to me. He looked back at Allison, thoroughly confused, as if to say, “Wait, I forget which one of you is my mom.”

With only two kids in tow (Megan was still at my grandma’s house), I thought a trip to Monkey Joe’s would be easy. Ben and Gavin decided otherwise. First, they fought in the car the entire way. I don’t know why some siblings are so agreeable and some not. But Gavin and Ben have definite problems getting along these days. They both took some time getting warmed up at Monkey Joe’s. Gavin complained that he was too old for bounce houses, and Ben was intimidated by climbing the big inflatable walls. Eventually, though, I helped Gavin make some seven-year-old friends, and Ben watched Atticus scale the walls with ease and followed his lead. When they both were exhausted, my mom decided to pick up Megan (near Monkey Joe’s) and I headed straight home. Both my boys were tired and hungry and Gavin had a meltdown. I had one granola bar and several cereal bars and juice boxes. I gave the granola bar to Ben and juice boxes to both boys. Gavin started crying because he wanted the granola bar. Ben was nice enough to offer Gavin half the granola bar, and instead of taking it and thanking him he picked up Ben’s juice box and squeezed it on him.

I was so, so mad. I scolded Gavin and smacked him on the leg. Gavin, of course, cried the 30 minutes home. And probably another 30 minutes once we got there. If only we had known Grandma had a pot of spaghetti and salad waiting for us at her house.

Eventually, we got our spaghetti. Mom brought it home for us. Everyone got fed, and bathed, and in the bed. Gavin related the whole car tantrum story to Megan, and she took his side. “Why didn’t you give Gavin the granola bar; he was hungry!” “I can’t believe you spanked him!” Megan really is Gavin’s biggest supporter, and I’m so glad they are friends. I’m also glad we had Logan, because I think he will be Ben’s best buddy. I just wish they’d all get along.

A few minutes after I put Gavin to bed, he came back downstairs where I was cleaning the kitchen. “Mom, I just felt like I really needed to give you another hug. I felt it so much I decided to get out of bed.” Well, I put down that dishrag and sat down and really hugged that kid. We probably hugged for 30 seconds, and then he scampered back upstairs. 

I’m hoping for happier kids this weekend, but I’m not holding my breath. A freakish heat wave is headed our way, and there’s nothing like miserable, oppressive heat to make everyone grumpy. We’ll definitely be headed to the pool tomorrow.


One thought on “Doctor, Monkey Joe’s, Meltdowns

  1. You are such a wonderful mother and writer. I love this blog so much, and I am glad you share the ups and downs because there are beautiful. I hope Gavin reads this story one day and feels so good about himself for coming down to talk to you.Also, Tallulah is a doll. That picture of her and your mom is gorgeous.

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