Pawleys Island

I just love South Carolina beaches. The whole fam damily is at Pawleys Island this week. My mom let me pick the house, and I picked a nice, newer one on a cul-de-sac about three rows back from the ocean. The other choices were closer to the ocean, older, and more expensive, and I think it was a good choice. There a little boardwalk trail, followed by a dirt road, about a quarter mile to the beach. We have a garage full of bikes and a golf cart. The beach is all houses and while there were lots of people out today, it wasn’t crowded.

We have four bedrooms. Mom and Dad are in the master, and Ben is sleeping in their closet. Or at least, he starts in their closet. Last night, I think Ben ended up in the bed with my dad and my mom was sleeping on the floor. Caitlin, Tim, and their kids have a second master. Devin and Ethan are sleeping in twin beds with Gavin on an air mattress between them, and Megan and I are in twin beds with Logan in the Pack N Play. Allison was relegated to the sofa bed this year.

So far, we have spent hours on the beach. Megan and Gavin, Dad, Devin, and Ethan spend their time in the ocean. The waves have been great for boogie boarding and body surfing. Caitlin and I love to ride the waves, too, but we don’t get to go out as much. We bought a little baby pool for Logan to sit in, and sweet Tallulah plays in a portable cradle. Ben would run to North Carolina if we let him, and once in awhile he’ll sit nicely and play in the sand with Atticus.
We are doing our best to keep up with so many kids. Caitlin and I have been getting distracted, though, assuming others are watching out for Ben and Atticus. Today, Atticus walked out the front door while about five adults were sitting in the living room. By the time we realized he wasn’t playing on the front porch, he was long gone. We all hopped on the bikes and found him halfway to the beach. Later, I put Ben in the bathtub with the water running and forgot about him when I went to get Logan dressed. A few minutes later, Poppy found him enjoying a bubble bath with the water up to his chin.
Thankfully, both boys are just fine, and Caitlin and I will have to be a little more vigilant and a little less distracted. Tomorrow will be another beach day, another day keeping everyone safe and sunburn-free.

2 thoughts on “Pawleys Island

  1. Oh, how many prayers of thanks I have prayed to God for watching my babies when I wasn't. I found the beach with small children to be exhaustingly awesome, and left with hopes that it will get easier as the years go by. At least until they become teenagers, and want to go off with strange boys they met on the beach!Can you not throw us a bone, and post some pics. Geez.

  2. Family beach get togethers are the best! Some of the best memories are made there, even if someone does end up sleeping on the floor:)I was thinking the same thing about watching out for the little kids. It seems like when there are so many adults around you think that someone will be watching.

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