Beach pictures

Our week at the beach went by way too fast. At the end, we had gotten into a nice rhythm, where we would split up and everyone would kind of do their own thing. For example, I’d go down to the beach with Ben and Megan, Gavin would head to the pool with Devin and Ethan, and Mom would stay home with the babies. There was always someone at the beach, and sometimes Dad would shuttle groups around in the golf cart, and sometimes we’d ride bikes. Logan is starting to wean so he’d go down for naps without nursing, and if I was around and Tallulah was fussy I’d nurse her and put her down, while Cait and Tim were at the beach with one of my kids, usually Megan. It was a good deal for all. Caitlin and Tim also got four free tickets to Medieval Times one night and took Atticus (free) along with Megan and Gavin. And on the last night we got all dolled up and took pictures on the beach. The trip was perfect until the car ride home, where we made the mistake of having Ben and Logan in the car together.


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