Blessing Tallulah

We (well, Tim) blessed Tallulah on Sunday. It was a lovely blessing, in the bishop’s office after church. They wanted to do it at the house, where they blessed Atticus, but it was just too messy, plus Dad was at work and the church was closer. Most Mormons bless their babies in Sacrament Meeting, but Caitlin and Tim are, well, unconventional. They did dress her in the Feltman Bros. gown all my kids wore for their blessings, though. Hopefully (cough! Devin and Hillary) the tradition will continue.


3 thoughts on “Blessing Tallulah

  1. I certainly can't prove this theory while I'm here on earth, but I've just always thought God smiles bigger when baby's are blessed wearing Feltman Brothers. Cute, cute pics. I know you are crazy about that precious baby girl.

  2. Glad to see Tim isn't wearing sock running shoes. I obviously don't know Tim, but for some reason before I saw the last picture I wondered if he'd have those shoes (or bare feet). 🙂 P.S. I LOVE your family. Can I come hang out with you all for a week?

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