Carroll reunion

Saturday we got back from the beach and dumped all the suitcases on the floors and got ready to go out to Gaston, where all the cousins and everyone were swimming and barbecuing. In attendance:

Barbara Carroll (the matriarch of this fine family, mother of six)

1. Jeanne and Paul Ross
Jason and Rachael Ross – Justin, Ashley, Courtney, Emily
Jill and Jeff Rish – Anna, Jackson, Colton, Cooper
Kelly and Bryan Zingmark – Aiden

2. Linda Cook and granddaughter Lucy

3. (Peggy would have turned 60 on June 15)
Ammon and Melanie Hadley – Samantha, Cameron, Elizabeth
Shay and Carl Carl – Bryant, Dalton, Rylan, and Brooklyn

4. Joann Fairbourne

5. Les and Suzanne Carroll
Lauren Richins – Megan, Gavin, Ben, and Logan
Devin Carroll
Caitlin and Tim Browning – Atticus and Tallulah
Allison Carroll
Ethan Carroll

6. Jeff and Melody Carroll (gracious hosts!)
Laci and Jacob Caraway – Jade and Gabriel
Andrew and Amy Carroll

I may have forgotten a few, but needless to say, it was a busy reunion!


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