After that weekend, I woke up Monday with mastitis. Well, it was more of a clogged duct at first, but by dinnertime I was running a fever. Caitlin supplied me with cranberry extract, soy lecithin, and cabbage, and my mom picked me up a prescription of dicloxicillin from Walgreens. Ethan has taken the kids to the park, pool, and children’s museum, and Poppy was on Benny bedtime duty. My fever broke within hours of getting the antibiotics in my system so I’m on the mend. Guess it’s weaning time!


One thought on “Mastitis

  1. I hope you are feeling better! Mastitis is the pits, such an evil illness for a nursing and sleep-deprived mom to get.Even though we have both been gallivanting around the country, I have loved keeping in touch with you through your blog posts! It will be fun to catch up in person when you get home. Travel safely!

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