Back in the saddle

The past 10 days have flown by. I was disappointed to spend my last week in South Carolina fighting mastitis, but thankful I had lots of help. Allison was in Ohio and both my parents were working, so childcare duty fell to Ethan. He did a good job, taking the kids every morning and wearing them out. We spent the afternoons resting and in the evenings my poor parents came home to a sick mama and a bunch of squirrely kids. I felt bad until one night my mom sat on my bed and told me how depressed she was going to be when we all left.

I ended up taking two antibiotics and lots of Advil, and by Friday night when Christopher arrived I felt a bit better. He changed his plane ticket to fly into Columbia, which was great, and we enjoyed a nice dinner out at one of the few upscale places in Columbia. Megan and Grammy had gone to see a local production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. When we got home Poppy was sitting on the front porch with cranky Logan.

Saturday everyone went to the Fort Jackson water park and I stayed home with Logan and Tallulah. I love water parks but wanted to rest more. In the afternoon we headed to Grandma’s house for some good cooking and our last chance to visit with Grandma and Earl, and Olivia, Chris, and kids.

Sunday I left after an hour of church and Logan and I went straight to bed. The afternoon was spent packing, doing laundry, and saying our goodbyes. Grandma and Earl came over one more time (they just couldn’t get enough of us, I guess).

Monday was our flight. Dad and Ethan drove us to the airport (we had to take two cars again). The first flight was around two hours, on a small plane. Christopher got a first-class upgrade, so Logan and I sat on row 3. He was pretty good for an hour, and when he started fussing I put him in the Ergo and bounced him around the back of the plane until he fell asleep. Our second flight was a little rougher. Ben was wired and Logan wouldn’t take another nap. It was three hours long and by the end of it I was about ready to jump. Christopher was grumpy and I kept thinking, “Seriously? I did this by myself WITH A SIX HOUR DELAY.” As it was, we arrived in Seattle 30 minutes AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. We picked up a pizza and arrived home at 5:15, exactly 12 hours after we left my parents’ driveway at 8:15 a.m. EDT.

This week has been a week of adjustment, but a lot of fun. The first morning Ben woke up at 4 a.m. ready to roll, but he is nearing seven again. After South Carolina’s stifling temperatures, we have been outside for hours every day in the  Seattle “heat”, which topped out at 80 degrees Wednesday and Thursday. We have gone grocery shopping, several doctors’ appointments (Logan’s follow up with the ENT and Gavin with the dermatologist), and even a trip to a nearby “beach.” Thursday we visited Newcastle Beach with several friends from church. It was 80 degrees and there were probably 75 kids on the lake shore. Some of Megan and Gavin’s best friends from church were there, so they had plenty of playmates, and Ben was surprisingly well-behaved. He went around from kid to kid asking to borrow toys, and generally was good about returning them after he had tried them out. Even Logan, after I had woken him up from his morning nap, was excellent. We stayed almost three hours.

Oh, brothers

Boys are silly

Grandma, Earl, grands (18 and under) and great-grands

Gigi and Tallulah

In the kitchen

Cait and Lu

Lula and Logan


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