Dinnertime Photography

Megan wanted to take a picture of her meal the other night. Christopher was gone and we were just having taco salad. She said, “Imagine if there were a job where people got paid to arrange and take pictures of food.” I explained to her what a food photographer does and she decided it’s a possible future career.

The weekend was lovely. Saturday Christopher helped with a move while I took the kids to a birthday party at Pine Lake. The weather was perfect. After a short rest/cleaning time, we picked up a babysitter and walked over to the Carls where Shay threw Carl a surprise birthday party. It was a blast. Sunday, after church, we went over to Pam and Corey’s to wish Carlin farewell, who’s leaving on his mission soon. They fed us lunch, but our kids were rotten so we didn’t stay long. After long naps, and a delicious dinner (cooked by Christopher!), we took a long walk around the neighborhood. It was 70 degrees. After the little boys went to bed Corey and Casey came over and we played a game of Rook.

Today I got the same babysitter and took Gavin to the pediatric optometrist because his first grade teacher said he was having trouble seeing the board. After his exam, the optometrist said he has great vision, but those fancy smart boards are tougher to see than a regular chalkboard. If he’s still having trouble, just move him to the front of the class. In the afternoon, we hit the park and lost track of time hanging out with the Ropers and Rodaboughs. Both families have four kids almost the same ages as our kids.

Megan’s taco salad

Typical meal with Ben

Cheesing for the Megan, behind the camera

Some serious Carroll genes here

Gavin took this one



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