Megan’s new bike; beach day; camping

Another busy week has flown by. Monday the temperatures cooled down, and we played in the neighborhood and opened all the windows for the house to cool off. The clouds were a welcome relief. Tuesday we visited the consignment shop to drop off a load of clothes. There are usually bikes for sale, but they are often cheap, small (12- or 16-inch) bikes. After having a ton of issues with my kids’ Walmart bikes, and Shay’s issues with her kids’ Target bikes, we both decided we are only investing in quality bikes from now on. Megan, especially, had outgrown her 20-inch she received for Christmas almost two years ago. I told her to be patient, she would have a new bike by Christmas.

As I walked to the shop, I spotted it. A 24-inch Trek girls’ bike, in blue (Megan’s favorite). I asked Dixie, the owner of the store and a friend of mine, about the bike. She said it was her neighbor’s, whose 13-year-old had just outgrown it. He had paid, she said, 500 dollars for it. It was in great condition, $80. I had $72 in store credit. Megan got a new bike. When I got home I googled it. The Trek MT 220 retails for $389.99. It was bought at a specialty bike shop near here, and I imagine with tax, it was close to $500. I may take it to the same shop to have it tuned up at some point. In the meantime, it seems to operate perfectly. All I had to do was adjust the seat. I am so excited for Megan. She even paid me $40 for it, so with the store credit, I came out ahead! Now I need to find a great deal for Gavin. Seattle is a wonderful place for bike riding.

After the consignment shop, we hit Target to shop for school supplies. The past two years I have purchased the school supplies from the PTA, but this year I wanted to see how much cheaper it was to do it myself. What a circus. Trying to figure out exactly what they need, especially with Ben and Logan in tow, was difficult, even without half the items being sold out. I came home and bought some items off Amazon, which was super easy and cheap. I think next year I’ll buy everything from Amazon.

Tuesday after dinner we went over to the Plewes for dessert. They have a girl Gavin’s age and two boys Ben’s and Logan’s ages. Ben and Troy will be in the same preschool class in the Fall, and I think they are going to be great buddies.

Wednesday I had a dermatologist appointment and the kids stayed home with a babysitter. In the evening we had a picnic dinner at Ebright Creek Park and played with the Hatch family. Christopher was working late and Darrin Hatch was at Scouts, so it was me, Marissa, and her kids, who are 9, 7 and 5.

Thursday I had to run to the orthodontist for a 10-minute appointment. I wanted to wait until school started to come in, but they insisted they check me out this summer. I took all four kids in the office. It was crowded, and after about half an hour in there an assistant checked out my retainers and they sent me on my way. I didn’t even see the orthodontist. They gave Ben a big red balloon, which he had tied around his wrist, and as we were walking out of the office, Ben ran into the parking lot. A woman in a red convertible stopped when she saw him. I swear that balloon saved his life. I should probably use the leash I bought for him more.

After I recomposed myself, we headed to Idylwood Beach Park in Redmond to meet Jenny Taylor (my former BYU hall-mate who works at Children’s ENT and saw Logan when he needed tubes) and her girls Annie and Liesl. The kids had a great time playing on the beach, and the lifeguards were super-friendly. Megan passed the swim test with no problem (she didn’t at Newcastle Beach) and Ben wanted to chat with them incessantly. They were really nice. Jenny and I managed to sit and talk a lot for having all those kids in tow. There were bathrooms and a good playground, too. We had a lot of fun.

After all that running around, I decided we were staying home Friday. Logan took a much-desired nap, early and long, but Ben, without wearing him out at a beach or park, skipped his. I tried to clean but mostly dealt with Megan and Gavin’s cries of boredom. I managed to get them to clean their bathrooms and put away some laundry and “babysit” their brothers. By 11 they were “so bored!” I had to bust out some board games. Thankfully, Christopher came home early and whisked Gavin and Megan away for a long hike and campout. They are sleeping under the stars tonight. I am jealous, but the little boys were in bed nice and early. Ben cried when they pulled out of the driveway, but when I promised him he could sit in his Toy Story camping chair in the living room and eat macaroni and cheese for dinner while watching Wild Kratts, he was just fine. Plus, Christopher is taking Ben on a special camping trip just for Benny. Hopefully by next summer, he’ll be ready to go on all the trips.


One thought on “Megan’s new bike; beach day; camping

  1. what a find! So happy you found a great bike, i sure love that feeling. And taking 4 kids to the orthodontist? Wow you are brave. I have considered buying a leash for Jake. I think it would come in handy

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