REI Garage Sale; Tibbetts Park Picnic

Last night the news of Romney’s VP pick started leaking and I stayed up late geeking out on political blogs. Although Paul Ryan was my second choice (after Bobby Jindal), I’m still excited about it.

I hopped up before the little boys were stirring. I showered and dressed, then got them up and we headed over to Shay’s. Ben stayed with Rylan and Shay’s two nieces while Shay and I and the babies headed to the REI Garage Sale. I had a lot of fun looking through the shoes while Shay bought a bike, a car top carrier and some other big items. We stopped at Costco before heading home.

After I got the little boys lunch and down for naps, Christopher, Megan and Gavin came home, tired and happy. They had a great time hiking (Megan got tired at the end), fishing (Gavin caught two!), and sleeping under the stars.

I got them lunch and we settled down to rest. Ben never went to sleep, unfortunately. He’s outgrowing those naps. When Logan woke up, we all headed to Tibbetts Valley Park for a Stake Picnic. We ate cheeseburgers and drank lemonade while the kids ran around. When we were convinced they were out of energy, we headed home.


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