I am deceptively athletic, I told someone the other day. Maybe it’s the comfy clothes and ponytail. Or maybe it’s because every day with Ben is like running a marathon.

That kid, he is a piece of work. Last night when we got him up to take him to the bathroom, we said, “Now Ben, you’ve gone potty, you had a little snack, now if you wake up in the night, just go back to sleep. Don’t wake us up.”

“Um, I think I will still wake you up,” he replies. “I’m not big enough yet.”

“Okay, Ben, so when do you think you will be big enough? Four? Five?”

“No, probably not.”

For the record, he slept just fine until 7:30, but those little gears in his mind are just always cranking.

Monday Gavin woke up with a fever, and Logan broke out in a weird rash. Both had random viruses, I suppose, and with no other symptoms, I didn’t worry about it. Gavin’s fever was gone in a day, and Logan’s rash is fading. I suspect it may have been a mild case of Fifth Disease.

Tuesday we had a picnic lunch at Ebright Creek, during the weekly “KidFest Summer Series”, which featured a kid band. Not kids in a band. Adults playing kid songs. Megan thought it was lame before the show, and by the end she was dancing in the front row while the rest of us were out on the playground.

Today Megan went blueberry picking with her church group and afterward they went to the church and made blueberry turnovers. She brought me half of one home and they were delicious.

Other than that, we’ve just been enjoying the weather–high of 72 today. Bike rides, walks, and jumping on the trampoline are our major activities. Tonight I filled out mountains of back-to-school paperwork, and tomorrow I’ll turn it into the office and find out who our kids’ teachers will be. Summer is quickly coming to an end.


2 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. Our 4 year gets up EVERY night too. He's worse than the baby. It's always something! I've never had a kid do that. Maybe he's holding out till his 5. 🙂

  2. Your conversation with the babysitter is till making me laugh! At least she was honest 🙂 We just may have to do a breakfast date sometime. It sounded delicious! Good luck with Back to school, we've already been going strong for almost 2 weeks!

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