Ben’s Big Campout and Blackberry Picking

Friday Christopher picked Ben up at four and they headed to Ensign Ranch with two other three-year-olds and their dads. From what I hear, the trip was a smashing success. Ben did great and loved every minute. He roasted marshmallows, caught his first fish, and went down the giant slip-n-slide. They were gone 24 hours and I couldn’t believe how much I got accomplished. I scrubbed bathrooms and organized closets and dusted places I hadn’t dusted in months. I cleaned out my car and pulled together school supplies and had Megan try on every item of clothing in her closet. That Benny, he is one fun kid, but he also takes a lot of energy.

Saturday, shortly after Christopher and Ben got home, Pam came over and cut the boys’ hair. Then Christopher and I went to a stake meeting while Corey and Pam babysat for us. We even went to Yo Plateau after with some other couples. Corey and Pam just moved to Kirkland, and we will miss having them a few miles up the road, but at least they still in the area.

Sunday was a weird-schedule day for us. It was stake conference weekend, but our stake was too big to meet together, so half the stake met at ten and the other half at two. We were scheduled for two, and since it was in the middle of nap time, I stayed home with the little boys. We thought maybe they were going to split our stake, or maybe redraw the ward boundaries (our ward seems to be bursting at the seams–we have 120 kids or so in primary), but there were no announcements. After Christopher, Megan, and Gavin got home, we went blackberry picking in the neighborhood behind ours. Christopher made a blackberry cobbler tonight and it was amazing. I will be sad for this summer to end!


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