King Benjamin’s Speech and Sammamish Commons

Monday, out of milk and bread, we desperately needed to take a Costco trip. While there, I also stocked up on snacks for school lunches, Pull-ups, vitamins. My full cart set us back $350, but hopefully the snacks and bars and diapers will last us for a while. After naps we played and I grilled some chicken and tossed a salad for dinner. After dinner we walked/scooted over to the Carl’s for a special Family Night. A bunch of families pitched our tents and listened to King Benjamin (Tim Matthews) and his speech in the Book of Mormon. After we had dessert (I made another blackberry cobbler) while the kids ran around. Our kids were great, even Logan, up way past his bedtime. I sure will miss the summer.

Today we headed to the library, which is part of Sammamish Commons. After we checked out lots of books, I let the kids ride their scooters in the skate park, and then around the commons before we headed home for lunch and naps. I tried to rest, but Megan and Gavin were SO bored in spite of all their new books. One more week until school starts. I pulled out Gavin’s “Electronic Playground”, which Christopher gave him for Christmas and he still hadn’t started playing with it yet. After reading the instructions, it was surprisingly easy to start building circuits, and that was a lot of fun. When they got tired of that, they (Megan) decided to tie-dye old t-shirts with food coloring in the backyard, and at this point, I’ve just been saying yes all the time. In the evening, we watched part of the Republican National Convention while the kids jumped on the trampoline. I just happened to catch Mia Love, Ann Romney, and Chris Christie’s speeches, and they were the only ones I was interested in listening to, anyway. I would have enjoyed watching the roll call, but that was earlier in the day.


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