Not little for long

My kids are about to drive me crazy. Seems like this last week before school starts is taking forever. Between sleep training Logan, and, well, sleep training BEN, I am running on fumes. And since I’ve been sleep deprived for, say, 10 years, I find myself having trouble with a few things. Organization. Coordination. Anger management.

I’m trying, though. My biggest help is remembering that this time is so fleeting. They won’t be little for long. Tonight, after Mitt Romney gave his acceptance speech, and the BYU game got boring (we won, yay!) I started looking at old pictures. Really old pictures. And they reminded me that yes, this time is fleeting.


4 thoughts on “Not little for long

  1. I think I have been running on fumes this whole year … I can definitely commiserate! When our 2 older kids are back in school and our other boys are in preschool, we should take the littlest boys and ourselves and go celebrate with a little treat or hot chocolate or something 🙂 !!I love old photos! And I grew up with those pastel colored sheets, too! I wonder what store our parents got them at!Hang in there!

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