Meet the Teachers

Megan has Mrs. Hand for fifth grade. I don’t know much about her, but Megan is such an awesome student, I don’t anticipate any problems. Several of Megan’s friends are in the class: Alice, Christina, Raj, Ethan. All Asian kids. All super smart. Not to perpetuate stereotypes, but the Asian kids, who comprise 40% of the student body and probably a higher percentage in the upper grades, are bright and competitive. Megan has never been more challenged than at her current school.

Gavin has Mrs. Ogden, who we’ve heard is “easy to work with”, “super nice”, and the “best second grade teacher.” So, of course, we’re excited about that. There are FIVE kids in his class from church. Kind of amazing to have a class with a quarter Mormon kids outside of Utah.

One more long, beautiful weekend, and then we’re off…


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