Baseball and Shopping

Christopher took Megan and Gavin to the Mariners game on Saturday. I told them each to take a book, but I don’t think they listened, and they were both “so bored” when they weren’t eating hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack. They went with Jake Miller, a friend of Christopher’s from work, and his three boys. Jake’s boys had an easier time sitting still and watching the game, apparently, and while Jake was talking about buying season tickets, Christopher remembered why it’s a once-a-year event for our family.

While they had fun at the game, I was staying home with two sick (with colds) little boys. As soon as they walked in the door, I grabbed Megan and we left for some back-to-school shopping. I was so happy to be out and about with Megan, but I remembered how much I hate shopping, or at least shopping for me and Megan. I used to like shopping for Megan, before she wouldn’t let me pick her clothes anymore. At any rate, we found a few cute things for her. We bought a few things from Old Navy (more for the boys than her), a shirt from Nordstrom Rack (I need to take my mom there; I know there’s a lot of cute stuff but I’m not one to dig for it), a pair of shoes for me from DSW, and a shirt for us each from TJ Maxx. I think we’ll stop at the outlets tomorrow. Stride Rite BOGO ends tomorrow and Megan, Gavin, and Ben need shoes.


4 thoughts on “Baseball and Shopping

  1. I get bored at a baseball game 🙂 My kids just love them though, and so does Mark. That's incredible how many Asian kids are in your school. Here there is a sprinkling of diversity, but not much. Roswell is pretty much jut white middle class people.

  2. You should try H and M for clothes shopping. Cheap, and very stylish. I don't know what there preteen girls' clothes are like, but the jeans are super slim and fit Atticus PERFECT. I like their little boys' clothes a lot.

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