First Day of School!

Our last day of summer, Labor Day, was a gloriously warm, sunny day. And we did almost nothing. We cleaned the house as a family, ate pancakes, jumped on the trampoline, took good naps. In the afternoon, Christopher took Logan to run errands and I took the big kids to the outlet mall, which was a crazy decision as it was packed. We met up for dinner, and after had a special back-to-school family night. We talked about our family theme for this year (“Love One Another”) and Christopher gave all the kids father’s blessings. It was a great way to end the summer.

This morning Gavin was already dressed and had eaten breakfast when I came downstairs at 8:00. We are lucky that school doesn’t start until 9:15 so our mornings aren’t too rushed. I woke Megan at 8 and we left the house at 8:45 to walk to the bus stop. I even had to get Logan out of bed (Christopher had already left for work), but I wanted to walk them at least once to the bus stop this year. They will do it by themselves the rest of the year. Our neighborhood fills two entire school buses, and there are always parents outside. As long as they don’t goof off and stay safe around the buses, I don’t worry about them. They bounded on the school bus with a perfunctory wave, and only Ben cried, “I want to go with MEGAN!”

The day was so peaceful. With a high of 78 degrees, we walked (and Ben scooter) over to Shay’s to drop off a movie we had borrowed. They ended up walking with us back to our neighborhood, where Ben and Rylan played at not one but two playgrounds, then they came over to our house for lunch. They played so well together it was hard to break up the playdate but the babies needed naps and they finally left at quarter to two. Ben and Logan napped from 2-4 and the big kids came home happy and excited. Megan declared, “School rocks!”

Interesting fact: Megan’s teacher taught 2nd grade last year, and they didn’t move her classroom. So Megan’s 5th grade classroom is sandwiched between two 2nd grade classes… one of which is Gavin’s!

Another fact: I no longer have influence over my kids’ clothing choices. Instead of the new polo I picked out, Gavin wore an older t-shirt. Megan is now allowed to wear whatever she wants as long as it’s modest. I tried to coordinate them for pictures this morning, but I’ll have to save that battle for family portraits. I love my strong-willed, opinionated kids. I’m sure that moxie will serve them well in life.


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