Crazy Wednesday

Wednesday (was it only yesterday?) was a crazy day. I took Logan in for his one-year checkup. I didn’t have any concerns and thought it would be easy peasy. After a perfunctory glance at the rest of him, my pediatrician said, “So tell me about this ridge on his forehead. Has that been growing?” I said, “Huh. I hadn’t really noticed it.” I just figured it was the shape of his head. Bald babies have weird-shaped heads, right?

Before long she was conferring with some other pediatricians and they all concluded I needed to call the craniofacial department at Seattle Children’s and make an appointment within a month. When Children’s got the paperwork, they made us FIVE appointments first thing on Monday. The suspected diagnosis is “metopic craniosynostosis.” Let me tell you, when there is possibly something wrong with your kid, Google sucks.

Thankfully, there’s a great children’s hospital here, and they were so quick to get us in. If he does have MC (I don’t know if it’s an acronym, but I’ll use it, anyway), I imagine they’ll get him in surgery pretty quickly because most children are operated on from 6-12 months. And it’s a major surgery.

After that bombshell, Logan had three shots, and I just about lost it. I have never in 10 years gotten emotional during vaccinations, but when they gave him the MMR in his chubby little arm, that was all I could take. I didn’t cry. I don’t cry, really. But I cancelled the Costco trip I had planned after the doctor and went straight home and gave that boy some Motrin and some love.

He and Ben took good naps and the big kids came home early (Wednesday is like a half day, weird, huh?) We headed to the annual primary swim party. Our ward is getting so big, I don’t know how much longer they will be able to do this swim party. We have 100+ kids in primary, and there had to have been 60 kids there. Logan loved the water, and I may have been able to enjoy myself if Ben hadn’t been terrorizing the place. When he jumped on a toddler in a baby float (I was chatting with the mom), that was the end of our pool party.

By the time I got all the kids bathed, in pajamas, and a pot of mac and cheese cooking on the stove, it was time to pick up the babysitter. She has failed her driver’s test twice and I’m really anxious for her to pass it soon. She’s one of the few teenagers around here that seems to be able to handle my brood. I got her settled and Christopher and I joined his coworkers at the Seattle Mariners game. Nothing like a baseball game for sheer relaxation, although I doubt I’ll be truly relaxing any time soon.

Before the doctor’s appointment, I remember thinking, “Wow, the kids are back in school, Logan is moving out of the baby stage, and Ben will be in preschool twice a week. Maybe I’ll actually have the time and energy to decorate my house. Wow, I could paint this room, hang a picture here…”

Best laid plans. I suppose there’s the chance I’ll show up the appointment on Monday and the craniofacial pediatrician will say, “No, I think he’s just got a funny-shaped head.”

In the meantime, pray for sweet Logan and for my sanity. Pray that my big kids won’t feel so neglected. I feel like they have a pretty good life, and can’t figure out for the life of me why they feel so deprived. Oh, wait, it’s because we live with a bunch of rich and/or two-kid families. 

But I digress. Here are some pictures. Logan and I at the doctor (captured by Ben). Logan eating a creamsicle at the pool party. Some deer standing at the crosswalk near my house. The ball park.


6 thoughts on “Crazy Wednesday

  1. Oh, Lauren! I can't believe how calm you were about all of this on Wednesday afternoon when I saw you … granted we were all distracted with making sure our kids survived the swimming party?!? You should have told me all about it! We will definitely keep your family in our prayers! Please keep us posted as to how things go!P.S. We love living here, but I can completely relate to the whole living in an affluent area and how that affects the kids.

  2. I'm so sorry! We have spent time at the Cranio Facial center at Childrens and loved them. Dr Hopper was a fab surgeon and we considered flying back each time Porter needed a surgery. He did Porter's lip and rhinoplasty when he was 4 months old and people still comment on how good it looks. You're in good hands no matter what. Hang in there! Never a dull moment….

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