Good kids, salmon bake, and stress

So Thursday Gavin was playing Legos with his friends and when I insisted they let Ben play with them, Gavin threw a temper tantrum. Yes, Ben can be difficult, but at some point Gavin needs to show him how to play like a big boy. When Gavin pushed Ben down, I made Gavin’s friends go home. Gavin cried for two hours, but Christopher and I are adamant that our kids are friends with each other. If we have to move to the middle of nowhere and homeschool them like the Duggars, they are going to learn to be friends. When Gavin took a breath, Megan decided to throw her own fit. Thursday night I was deemed the “worst mother ever”, and I was starting to feel like it.

Friday morning Gavin crawled into bed with me and woke me up. “Mom,” he said, “I just wanted you to know I gave Benny a big snuggle this morning and I told him I’d play Legos with him after school.” Megan and Christopher had a long chat, and he gave her Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” and bookmarked a few passages for her. After school they were both back to normal. I guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and hope it all sinks in!

Saturday was the annual ward Salmon Bake, an Issaquah 2nd ward tradition since the 1970s. It is held at the home of Bob and Patty Folkman. Bob was the first bishop of the Issaquah ward in 1972, back when the congregation stretched from Mercer Island to North Bend. Now there are probably 50 Mormon wards in that same stretch of suburban Seattle.

Christopher and I went early for boating, and got on Jen and Jason Olson’s boat with Shay (Carl had hopped on another boat), the Rasmussens, and the Haydens. Jason showed us how to wake surf, which I had never seen before, and I even decided to try it. The water felt great, not too cold (common for Seattle) and I even got up on the board! I wasn’t up long enough to get any pictures, but here’s one of Christopher. The idea is to pull yourself into the wave behind the boat, then toss the rope back onto the boat and surf the wave without being pulled. It’s fun to watch and I’d love to try it again.

After boating was dinner, salmon flown in that morning from Alaska on a bi-plane and unloaded right to the house. And, in true Mormon fashion, everyone brought salads and dessert. I even noticed some Jell-O on the table. Everyone chatted for hours and a bunch of us sat on the dock and watched the sun set. Christopher and a few other guys were jumping off the dock. One of the funniest parts of the night happened when a boat cruised past our dock and said, “Are you having a family reunion?”
Jen Olson said, “No, just a church party.” 
The guy said, “Nice church!”
 A beat…
 “What church is it?”
Jen: “The Mormon church!” (he was heading out of earshot)
Guy: “Is Mitt Romney there?”
Jen: “He’s stopping by later…”
There are definitely some rich people in the ward, but they are also really down to earth. The Folkmans, I’m sure, bought their house well before real estate prices got insane. It wasn’t fancy, but it was nice, and it was on a prime piece of lake real estate. It was nice of them to share their gorgeous backyard with us, and for everyone else for sharing their boats.

It was a really fun night, and just the distraction I needed. Today has been too quiet, and all I can think about is Logan’s appointment tomorrow. The waiting is always the hard part. I’m thankful that even if there is a problem, it’s fixable, but in the meantime, my mind is just swimming with questions and worry.

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