Family night tubing

Last night we went out on the Shriber’s boat. Not only did Greg kindly invite us to go boating, but his wife, Katelyn, watched Logan (along with her two-year-old Owen and ten-year-old Will, who had a lesson). We dropped off Logan and picked up two more boys, Henry (8) and Graham (5), and headed to the Sky Launch on Lake Union. From there (University of Washington area) we motored over to Lake Washington, where we tubed and swam. It was 80+ degrees with no wind and the water was like glass, which is unheard of for Seattle in September. Usually it’s windy and cool and the lakes are usually choppy.

The Shribers have this awesome float that all the kids could fit on. While the little boys were on (Graham and Ben), we went relatively slow, but then the big kids wanted to go faster. Ben wanted to stay on, so Christopher got on with them. After a few rough turns, Ben went flying off and into the water. The life jacket did its job and I could see his little head floating in the water, and Christopher got to him quickly. He was mostly surprised and cold (I don’t like being thrown into the lake, either, it’s scary!) so I snuggled him up in a towel for a few minutes. Much to my surprise, he wanted to get back on the tube! I figured he’d be done, but I was so proud when he got back on (with Christopher again). He was such a good boy the entire time we were on the boat (with the slight exception of the fit he pitched when we docked and had to get off the boat), I said to Christopher, “I think we are transitioning with him!” He’s still a challenge, believe you me, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this kid. It might be a few more years before we can relax during his waking hours, but it’s coming.

We also parked the boat over by Seward Park and swam for a while. The water was brisk, but about as warm as Lake Washington ever gets.

Seattle skyline

Christopher with Ben (after Ben’s fall in the lake)

Tubing (I-90 floating bridge in background)

Downtown Bellevue skyline

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