Another busy week

Sunday I had the sniffles and Logan was fussy so we stayed home. We turned on some church music and relaxed, and had Belgian waffles ready for the crew when they got home. After naps we took a long family bike ride (4 miles) and had our old standby–grilled chicken and salad–for dinner.

Monday Christopher left bright and early for Florida. My friend Bethany watched the boys while I went to the dentist. Tuesday was Ben’s second day of school (yay!) Wednesday was a busy day. Megan had Activity Days at the church, so I watched Lindy Swapp while her mom took Megan and volunteered to help with the activity. Lindy is a few months older than Ben and they play so well together; he cried when she left. As soon as Megan was back home, she changed into her bathing suit and we headed to the Pine Lake Club so she could try out for the swim team. I was worried she wouldn’t make it because her strokes weren’t refined enough, but she did great and fit right in. Her tryout was swimming with the team for 45 minutes and she was so tired after. I’m excited for her to do it. It’s a team sport with a lot of individual effort, and it has the social aspect without being too competitive. I wasn’t a swimmer but I like that it’s a lifelong sport.

After swim team we picked up a pizza and headed home. I sent my first babysitter home (I didn’t dare take all those little boys to a pool they couldn’t swim in, and I wanted to figure out how things worked around there), then my second babysitter arrived, and I headed to pick up Christopher (who had flown in that morning from Florida and went straight to work) for a recruiting dinner in Seattle. We ate with Andy, Christopher’s boss, his wife Lynne, a recruit from the Bain Dallas office, another Expedia employee and his girlfriend. It was an awesome group and we had a lot of fun. The highlight was probably John’s story about that time he ejected from a crashing B-1 bomber. Crazy stuff.

Thursday Ben was back in school and I painted some more walls in my house. I basically open a gallon of paint and do as many walls as I can in one day without neglecting my kids too much. Usually one gallon is about right.

Friday was when all the exhaustion finally caught up to me. Ben didn’t nap. Logan whined and cried all day long (and had all week) I was mean mommy at dinner time. Thankfully Christopher and I were able to watch a movie and relax. We made it to bed at 11.

At 1 a.m., Logan woke up crying. He has been teething forever, and those darn molars (and eye teeth) just aren’t coming through, and he has been miserable. Usually, though, he whines all day, but he sleeps okay at night. Not Friday night. He cried and moaned and screamed. At 3 a.m., Christopher and I got into a sleep-deprived fight. Christopher ended up asleep with Logan in the recliner, and I went into my bedroom, shut the door and turned on my fan. At five, Christopher snuck back in and Logan started crying again. I think I was back in bed at 6 but Christopher was up with Logan for good at 7.

It was a bad, bad night.

I had already told Christopher that I was taking Saturday off. He has so much travel coming up that I needed one day to gear up for it. I planned to take Megan shopping in Seattle, then I was getting my hair cut and watching the General Relief Society Broadcast with Pam. Megan and I still went shopping, but I was so tired I didn’t even buy anything. Seriously, we wandered around H&M and Anthropologie and Megan was bouncing and excited and my eyes could barely focus. After a few hours, we headed to Kirkland and Pam cut my hair. Then I had her cut Megan’s hair (big mistake, temper tantrum ensued that night) while I sat in the massage chair and dozed. Then we enjoyed the broadcast and dinner at the stake center in Kirkland. Megan ended up going with Corey to the Root Beer Store, where I picked her up on my way home. By the time we got home, the boys were all peacefully asleep. And MIRACLE… Logan sleep all night long. That kid.

Sunday was a great day. Beautiful weather, good kids, and I actually planned dinner. Christopher is headed to Texas this week, and with Megan’s new activities (swim team and Math Olympiad), I actually have to keep up with a schedule. If poor Logan can just make it through this bout of teething, I think all will be right with our world.

Ben giving Logan a push on Monday afternoon

The leaves are starting to turn

Gavin tends to fall asleep with his clothes on while reading the Nook

Neighbor’s swing. Ben said, “I’m like a jungle guy!”

More “color experiment”

Wishing flower

5th and Pine

I took more pictures of Brooklyn. I have decided I need to start taking more pictures of my own kids, so I’m going to start doing photo shoots with them on the first of the month. Starting tomorrow.

Logan, my photo assistant
The massive wasp nest the kids found in the backyard. It had been abandoned and fallen from the top of the tree to some lower branches when they spotted it.


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