Just Keep Swimming

Monday – Mountain o’ laundry. Had to pick up Megan from school and run her to swim team practice. Almost beat Gavin’s school bus home. Picked Megan up, family night.
Tuesday – Preschool for Ben. Lots of errands for Logan and I, although he was crabby the entire time. When Ben gets into trouble, he quotes Daniel the Tiger: “When something seems bad, turn it around, and find something new!”

Wednesday – I host the first playgroup swap. One adult (me) and six kids: three 3-year-olds and three 1-year-olds. It’s complete chaos although the 2 1/2 hours passes quickly, and now I get the next two Wednesday mornings kid free! The Plewe kids were easy, the Nielson kids were medium, and the Richins kids… well, let’s just hope they are better behaved at other people’s houses, or else we might get kicked out of the playgroup.

In the afternoon Megan has swimming again. Logan is so fussy I take him to the pediatrician while she’s at the pool (across the street from the doctor’s office) to get his ears checked. His ears are fine and the doctor said it’s “bad teething with a little cold.” He is miserable and there’s nothing we can do but wait for those darn molars to come in!
Thursday – Got Megan off to Math Olympiad on time. More preschool for Ben. I paint a few more walls (I’m painting my entire downstairs, khaki eggshell. It looks so much better. We had completely marked up those white, flat walls.) Logan fusses and fusses. Christopher gets in from Texas at, like, 2 a.m.
Friday – Another mountain of laundry. Cookie party at Emily Williams with the Owens, Haydens, Muhlesteins, and Fishers (moms and preschool kids). On the way home we are walking in our neighborhood and Ben (who has lagged behind me) says, “I have to go potty!” I turn around as he drops his pants and says, “It’s okay! I’ll just go in the grass!”

In the afternoon I take the kids to the Skyline Homecoming Parade. It is not nearly as crowded as I had imagined, and I managed all four kids just fine. I ran into Spencer Arnesen and he had all his kids plus two Olsons. Ben says, “I love these parade people!” After they gave him candy.

Saturday – General Conference! President Monson lowers the missionary age five minutes into the first session, which was the big news. Christopher made pancakes, went to Costco, and we had pizza for dinner. The weather has been so, so gorgeous. We keep wondering how long it’s going to hold out. Seriously the best Summer/Fall that anyone can remember.

Sunday – More General Conference! Christopher made crepes. In between sessions I took pictures of the Carl family, and after the last session we took our own family photos with a tripod! I think they turned out great considering I “took” them. Homemade donuts at the Muhlesteins.


5 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Atticus just looked at all of them and narrated an entire story about your family. It was hilarious. Ad he loves Uncle Christopher… And Gavo, Meggy, Logi Bear, Lala… But he says "Benny so mean"

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