The Cake Incident

This week was similar to last, and I’ve found that blogging once a week (sadly) is about all I can handle for now.

Monday – School, swimming. We had our neighbors, the Rubyors, over for Family Night.

Tuesday – Ben off to school. Logan really seems to like having his run of the place when the big kids are gone. And when he’s happy (i.e. no teething or sickness), I can get a lot done while he plays. Today he was feeling fantastic, and it made for a beautiful day. I felt great at the end of the day (as opposed to dealing with a fussy toddler all. day. long.)

Wednesday – I got to take advantage of my first kid-free playgroup day. I dropped the little boys’ off at Leone Nielson’s house, and came home to a quiet house. I probably should have taken a nap, but I painted my kitchen and the downstairs bathroom instead. In the afternoon, Megan had activity days and swimming. I actually left Gavin home alone for an hour while I shuttled Megan around and picked up a pizza for dinner. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the solitude. When Christopher got home I had a Craft Night at the church. The theme was recycling/repurposing, so we were making bags, scarves, and kids’ capes out of old t-shirts, new jewelry out of old, and sanding and painting old picture frames. It was a lot of fun, although there was much more chatting than crafting going on. Everyone seemed exhausted and while some capes and necklaces and frames were made, mostly people were just sitting around, snacking and talking.

Thursday – More school for Ben. I probably needed to go shopping, but hung out at home with Logan again. More laundry and cleaning. My house has been so much cleaner since Ben started school.

Friday – We kissed Christopher good-bye. He was heading to the airport on his way to India. I took the little boys for a few errands but Logan was unbearable. After only stopping a few places I headed to Shay’s house and let the boys play. At four was the elementary school’s big fundraiser, a Walk-a-Thon, which, I am sad to say, is a really dumb activity. Basically, the kids walk laps around the school, not for really any purpose, and then the school asks the parents to donate money (lots of company matching with Microsoft, Boeing, etc.) I’m not sure why they don’t just have the parents donate the money without the walking part. The kids had fun, though. The rain held out until after it was over, thankfully. We came home, ate leftovers, and Ben and Logan conked out. The big kids and I popped some popcorn and had a splendid time watching The Wizard of Oz. Our first night without Daddy was a success.

Saturday – I hate when Christopher travels on weekends, but with his big international trips, it can’t be helped. Fortunately, Rylan’s birthday party at 3-2-1 Bounce was smack in the middle of the day. After a lazy morning, which I even got Logan to take a nap, we headed to the bounce place for the party. I really liked the place–it was the cleanest inflatable place I’ve ever seen–and the kids had fun. But I would have done a few things differently. First, I would have dressed Ben in something BRIGHT. With his navy henley and jeans, he was tough to spot among the kids. Second, I would have fed him before we arrived. I knew there would be pizza, but we didn’t eat until 1:30, and I suspect it might have contributed to what will subsequently be known as The Cake Incident.

So, after all that jumping, the kids were gathered for a picture. Ben was on some inflatable maze and I rounded him up. He said, “I don’t want to be in a picture!” And ran off to jump. I strapped Logan in the stroller, and went to look for Ben. I assumed he was jumping, and didn’t see him, at some point, sneak past me, out of the bouncy area and into the party area.

I looked in all those bounce houses for that kid. Finally, I figured he was hiding in the maze, where I had found him before. I called him. No answer. I walked around the maze. I decided I had to go in.

I climbed over the first hill. The next obstacle was “squeeze through here”. Well, I couldn’t really squeeze through. And the hill was too high to go backwards. I would have to squeeze through. And eventually, I made it through the entire obstacle course. No Benny.

At this point, I thought, well, I guess he did leave the inflatable area. I walked through the double doors as several moms (Shay and other friends) gave me the “WHERE WERE YOU?!” look. Apparently, Ben had grabbed a handful of another kids’ birthday cake.

You see, the party area had a rolling cart for each party. On the top sat the presents. In the middle, at the perfect eye level of a three-year-old, were the cakes.

What came next was general mortification. I apologized profusely to the employees and asked who I could apologize to and/or compensate. One women was very gracious and kind and basically told me, “Kids will be kids.” Another employee was giving me the evil eye. I hurried Megan and Gavin along with the pizza and cake and ice cream, partly because of Ben, and partly because of Logan. While I was hanging my head in shame and embarrassment, Logan was getting increasingly louder and louder. I gave him some pieces of pizza. He ate a few and threw the rest of the floor. I gave him some water from a Styrofoam cup. He screamed for the cup. He drank the water from the straw. He tipped it back and spilled water all over himself. I took the cup. He screamed. I gave him back the cup. He spilled water on himself. I took the cup. He screamed. I gave him back the cup. He ate the Styrofoam. I took the cup. He screamed. I gave him back the cup.

After, oh, 10 minutes of this, we left 3-2-1 Bounce with our tails between our legs. After soaking his clothes, Logan was wearing his diaper and his jacket, Ben was still unapologetic about The Cake Incident, but Megan and Gavin were happy.

My friend Laura flagged me down in the parking lot. Apparently, her son had trailed his finger through a cake on the way out. That made me feel a little better…

When we got home, I made a big pot of chili and a pan of cornbread and was thrilled to discover the BYU game on ABC. Not a single one of my kids ate the chili, and I excused them all and ate two bowls in peace. And BYU lost the game in true BYU fashion — two interceptions in the fourth quarter.

At 5:30 we went back to almost the exact same place. A skating rink for a party for Megan. Thankfully, I flagged down our neighbor as her and her daughter were walking in and asked if they could bring Megan home. We got home at 6:30, I fed all three boys a bowl of Mini Wheats and put them straight to bed. And not one of them made a peep. The more trouble they cause, the faster they fall asleep. At least there’s that.

I told him to go to bed. Found him later in MY bed.

He likes having the run of the place when all the kids are at school.

One of the last dry days…

Crunchy leaves, but not for long…

Relaxing at the Walk-a-Thon… snacking on popcorn.

Rylan’s birthday party


3 thoughts on “The Cake Incident

  1. I love reading your blog because I feel like we are living the same life! We were late to church and didn't even make it through the sacarament before my 4 year was throwing cars on to the gym floor – and he wouldnt stop despite my threats, so I pick in him up to drag him out and he pulls dead weight on me – so I really have to drag him out, with Tanner crying "ma! ma!" behind me. It's comical to watch, but I was so close to tears and packing them up and taking them all home. They say it gets better. 🙂

  2. Ha! I'm glad you still blog at least once a week. I'd really miss it if it were longer than that. You have a way of writing that is so effortless. Love it.

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