First Sunday Without Dad

I don’t like when Christopher travels over the weekend, but today wasn’t too bad.

I skipped Sacrament Meeting. That just wasn’t happening. We arrived at church just in time to send Ben to his new pre-Sunbeam class (they still go to nursery third hour) and Megan and Gavin went into the chapel to practice for the Primary program in two weeks.

I tried to go to Sunday school with Logan. I tried again to go to Relief Society. He wasn’t having either and I spent two hours in the hall with him. I tried not to be bitter about our nursery-starts-at-18-months program. In four months the hanging out in the hall will be a distant memory. I actually did get to take the sacrament, when the 11:00 ward passed it in the foyer.

After church, we came home, I made boxed mac and cheese, and the little boys took good naps. I rested and Megan and Gavin spent most of the time building a giant pillow and blanket fort in Gavin’s room. After naps we had our usual rainy day snack–hot chocolate and buttery popcorn–then I let Megan, Gavin, and Ben play DS and Leapster in the blanket fort while I chatted with my mom on the phone and Logan played. After thirty minutes Logan was bored with every toy I pulled out of the box for him and wanted the phone, so I had to hang up with my mom to stop the incessant screaming. I’m gonna have to nip that in the bud.

When the big kids started fighting I took away all the electronics for the night and we had dinner, baths, and I put the little boys to bed. Ben complained of a tummy ache and didn’t eat dinner so I hope he’s not getting sick. There’s a nasty stomach bug going around here and I’m praying we avoid it, especially while Christopher is gone.

We got to Skype with Christopher twice today. He is twelve (and a half!) hours ahead of us so we talked to him right after church, as he was going to bed, and then again in the evening, as he was waking up. It was like having him in the room, as we passed my smartphone around, and even propped it up in a chair while we read scriptures and said prayers. Technology is so cool.

Since I actually managed to write a blog on the same day it happened… Ben said two memorable things today.

#1 – “Mom, wouldn’t it be cool if an asteroid crashed into our house?!” “It wouldn’t?” “Would it make our house IN-splode?” (he says INsplode for explode)

#2 – “Mom, I know how I got born. First, I made a hole in your tummy with my head. Then I busted it open and INscaped! Then I got big!” (he says INscaped for escaped… and Ben’s birth story could be characterized as an escape)

Logan is learning new tricks, too. This past week he started waving bye-bye. After dinner, he waves and says, “Nye-nye.” My kids are never shy about asking to be put to bed.


3 thoughts on “First Sunday Without Dad

  1. My youngest is a screecher right now, too. Not fun. I know what you mean about wanting to nip it in the bed.I really hope Ben isn't sick. We kept E home today because he was complaining off and on of a tummy ache. Someone was saying their house got a stomach bug, but that some of them escaped the throw up portion and only had achy tummies off and on over a couple of days. I hope and pray that is all that this is for both of us … we have had our quotas of sickness for the year and then some!Good luck this week with Chris gone! I am always impressed, though, by how well you seem to handle parenting! I'd admire you!P.S. When Chris gets back, we should go out one evening for hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

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