First stomach bug

I wasn’t surprised when I was awoken at two a.m. Sunday night/Monday morning. Logan and Ben were both yelling for me. I decided to check on Ben first, thankfully, because he had started throwing up. Like a trooper, he had only managed to throw up a little on himself, and when I helped him to the bathroom, he let loose. I snuggled him back into his bed, left his door wide open, and went to Logan. Instead of rocking or nursing him, I gave him a sip of water and told him he needed to sleep tonight. Either he knew it, or the Lord did, because he didn’t stir until eight.

Ben, on the other hand, ran upstairs again at 4 a.m., and I helped him to the toilet. Thankfully, he hadn’t eaten  much Sunday, and after the first bout or two, he was basically just heaving. I let him climb into bed with me, and for another two hours, he chattered away. Every twenty or thirty minutes he would exclaim, “I have to frow up, Mommy!” and run to the bathroom. By the end of it I was barely staggering in there while he stuck his head in the toilet bowl. In true Benny fashion, he seemed unfazed by the whole thing, and if anything, excited at the prospect of sleeping with talking to Mommy all night long. He went on and on about everything, but the funniest thing I remembered was his opining about how he got sick. My favorite explanation was, “Mommy, you know sometimes I go potty and don’t wash my hands. I probably got germs and that’s why I’m frowing up.” I didn’t correct him. Sure, this bug has gone around both school and church, but if his bathroom hygiene improves…

At six a.m. I remembered I had a TV in my bedroom and turned it on. That kept him quiet and I managed to sneak in some rest every 26 minutes until I had to put a new Caillou on. He was done throwing up by six, too, and was already asking for food and drink, but I made him wait until eight. Even then, I started with Gatorade and a plate of scrambled eggs. By ten, we took a trip to the grocery store and you wouldn’t have even known he was sick. We all crashed for naps, although he didn’t sleep as long as I would have hoped. We drove Megan to swimming, and I made something bland-ish–lemon spaghetti–for dinner. When Megan said pasta would not fill her up no matter how much she ate, I sauteed a batch of chicken tenders to go with it.

So far no one else is sick, and Ben was even able to go back to school Tuesday morning. I knew we’d get the stomach bug while Christopher was gone, but (knock on wood) that was a best case scenario.

Today while Ben was in school, I tried to clean. I wiped down my bathroom and vacuumed the upstairs before Logan started fussing. We took a long walk in the sunshine. It has rained the past few days so everything was wet and smelled like pine. The leaves are everywhere and soggy. Logan was fussy today. I thought it was more teething, and it may be, but when I went to nurse him tonight his nose was completely plugged, so he’s probably getting another cold. He tried a few times to nurse, then finally gave me a “Seriously, Mom?” nip and I just put him in his crib. I’ll have to pump a little tonight before I go to bed. Logan is giving up easier than my body is.

Another day without Daddy down, and I think we’re doing better than he is. He has a nasty cough, either germs from the plane or the dirty air. Get well soon, C. xoxo

Late night Legos

New word: “Toast”

Always lots of boys at our house!

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