Muhlestein 2012

Today was a lovely day. It was my “Wednesday off”, which meant that I dropped Ben and Logan off at the Plewe’s for playgroup. Then I came home and went through several enormous stacks of paper–bills, receipts, mail. Organized, recycled, and filed. That two hours was blown quickly. Naps followed at 1 p.m. The big kids got home early (2 p.m. on Wednesday) and I was snuggled in my covers. They quietly played computer until I heard Ben wake up at 2:30. Megan let him out of his room and when he ran into my room (I was dozing), she said, “Mom’s not in here, come with me.” I thought, Wow, she’s letting me sleep a little while longer. When Logan woke up at three, she got him out of his crib and came and sat on my bed. I rolled over and she exclaimed, “Mom! I didn’t know you were there!”

“You didn’t?” I asked. “Where did you think I was?”
“I don’t know,” she said cheerily. “I was just coming in here to call your cell phone.” She had sat on my bed with the phone in hand, and Logan in the other arm.

I think it’s funny that they weren’t phased in the least when they thought I wasn’t home. They even thought I left the little boys at home alone! At least they are independent…

I took Megan to swimming, and when it was done I had a babysitter come over so I could take the Muhlestein’s 2012 Christmas card photo. I got about 40 good ones, but this one is my favorite. I charged them the cost of the babysitter. She was at the house just a little over an hour, and we paid her $15.


6 thoughts on “Muhlestein 2012

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the story about them thinking you had abandoned ship, and nobody being too concerned. And HELLLLOOOOOOO….that family pic you took is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. Time to up those prices, sister. Don't waste your money maker! (P.S. only said bc I'm bitter Bill's first cousin is charging us $200 for family pics this weekend. I think it is awesome that you are so generous and kind, BUT you do need to start building a portfolio for when you are ready to go big time!)

  2. where was that taken?? Its awesome. I guess it gets easier when the kids get bigger…I'll take yours. Show me how to use your camera and you can edit them.

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