Back in the saddle

Christopher took Monday through Wednesday off work. His original plan was to go deer hunting, but he was jet lagged and sick (respiratory), and I was still sick, so he stayed home. We ended up spending the three days arguing about who was sicker. He did do a Costco run for me, though, and took Ben. That was a nice break. Megan and Gavin were back in school, as was Ben on Tuesday and Thursday. Monday and Wednesday Megan swam, and after swimming on Wednesday she and Christopher headed to the airport. They narrowly made their flight. The shuttle from their parking lot broke down, and by the time they got to their gate the plane doors were locked. Thanks to Megan’s subtle tears and/or a fat passenger who required a seat belt extension, the airline re-opened the doors and let them on. Christopher has almost-missed more flights than anyone I know. Tip: if he’s driving you to the airport, tell him your flight leaves an hour earlier than it actually does.

Christopher and Megan had a wonderful time in California for Ashley’s wedding. Ashley is the baby of Christopher’s family of eight. She got married Thursday at noon in the Oakland Temple, and the reception was Friday night. Megan had a blast, as all little girls do at wedding festivities. Yes, she is wearing jeans in these pictures. She didn’t attend the brief marriage ceremony inside the temple, and since the reception wasn’t until the next night she didn’t dress up. She did get all dolled up for the reception, though, and was a big help welcoming guests, and having them sign the guest book. Apparently, she also caught the bouquet.

Megan, Ashley, and James


Five of Christopher’s six sisters

While Daddy and Daughter were enjoying their trip, I was at home with the boys. I slowly came out of my funk, although it took a while. Thursday afternoon I managed a walk around the neighborhood, and I felt like a bear out of hibernation. It was my first time outside in a week.

By the time Christopher got home Saturday afternoon, I was itching to get out of the house–without the little boys. I took Megan (lucky girl!) and we headed to Home Depot and Michael’s for some Halloween costume supplies, shopped at a giant biannual consignment sale, and ate dinner at Five Guys’. We stopped at Target on the way home, for good measure. Getting out of the house felt wonderful, and I knew that I was basically over the sickness, because shopping and eating out gave me more energy instead of less.

Sunday was a great day. We are basically healthy. Logan is still snotty and Ben is still a little coughy, but heaven knows that will last until May. The kids had their Primary Program at church today and did great. Our neighbor, Stephanie, brought her two boys, Gavin’s best buddies Jason and Matthew, to watch. After church the little boys took great naps, and Christopher made a giant, delicious pot of chicken soup. While we were deciding what to add to the soup (we were out of egg noodles), I made some homemade pasta for the first time. Christopher didn’t trust it, so he split the soup in two pots (he was taking half to some sick friends) and added rice to one. I added my homemade pasta to the other pot. Mine was better.

Rub a dub dub, three boys in a tub

The boys play with Megan’s dolls more than she ever did

One thought on “Back in the saddle

  1. Megan is one lucky girl–wedding, errands, all with one parent! I'm sure she does her share of work to make up for it though. Being the oldest is hard sometimes. Glad you are feeling better. We ate at Five Guys the other day–my first time since we lived in NC. Amazing!!!

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