Halloween 2012

The week of Halloween 2012 was epic. And exhausting. It started with  typical Monday. School. Some sunshine called for a scooter ride and walk for the little boys. Swimming for Megan. In the evening, our friends the Allens hosted a pumpkin carving party in their garage for Family Night. We only took one pumpkin, because I knew between Ben and Logan one would be enough. Christopher helped Megan and Gavin carve the pumpkin, I wore Logan in the Ergo and fed him giant pretzel sticks and rice krispie treats, and tried to keep an eye on Ben, who kept escaping, with no fear, out into the dark cul-de-sac.

Tuesday was Ben’s Halloween party at school, and I had him wear the vampire costume so he wouldn’t get the scarecrow costume dirty. In the evening we had our ward Halloween party with a trunk or treat. I got everyone dressed up because I knew Crystal would be taking portraits. The costumes were fun this year; we did a Wizard of Oz theme and everything seemed to come together. I found Megan’s dress and ruby slippers at the consignment shop, and she wore a white turtleneck and tights. Gavin was wearing a gray turtleneck and sweatpants. I spray painted a plastic funnel and a paper grocery bag silver for his costume, and painted his face. For Ben, he wore an old sweatsuit that was Gavin’s. I hot-glued some straw on the shirt, tied on some jute rope, and added a straw hat and some face paint. I found Logan’s darling lion costume at the consignment shop, as well. Christopher was stuck in traffic so I had to dress up the kids and haul them to the church by myself. Once we were there, we went straight and had Crystal take our picture, and it turned out great. After that, I just let the kids loose until Christopher got there. All the teenagers had games set up for the kids, and Ben ate about four cupcakes before Christopher arrived. Then we went trunk or treating in the parking lot. It was raining slightly, so I just stood under an awning with Logan in the stroller and drank hot chocolate.

After the ward party, I was all Halloweened-out. Megan and Gavin were still excited, though, for their school parties. They wore costumes to school on Wednesday. I hosted playgroup on Wednesday, and everyone was a little hyper from all the holiday excitement. The kids were decent. Logan was really good, having adjusted to playgroup. Ben was the worst. He still has trouble sharing his toys/space.

After school, Megan had swimming, and when she was showered and dressed we ate some dinner and went trick-or-treating. Gavin wanted to wear the vampire costume (we have gotten a lot of mileage out of it, and I’m sure we’ll have it for years to come!) and I didn’t argue. We walked to the end of our street and back this year. The weather was fine, no rain this year, but Logan was fussy, even with the lollipops we were feeding him, and Gavin kept complaining that his feet hurt… because he wasn’t wearing socks under his rain boots. No matter, the hike to the end of our street and back took a good 45 minutes and we got plenty of candy.

Thursday I was happy to get things back to normal. Ben went to school and Logan and I cleaned the house. I started cleaning mostly with vinegar and other natural cleaners so I can clean with the kids. In the evening Emilie came over to babysit and I met Christopher in Bellevue for a recruiting dinner. It was just Christopher and I, Andy (Christopher’s boss), and Anand, a guy from Darden who had interviewed at Expedia earlier in the day. It was a great dinner. Andy extended an offer to Anand, which we hope he takes. The food was amazing, and the conversation was interesting. We were getting into some pretty deep religious and political topics, and I appreciated the adult conversation. I think we’ll do it again soon when Andy’s wife Lynne is back in town.

Friday we were all partied out. I did a Costco run and we had leftovers for dinner. Saturday we tried to get some stuff done. After a delicious breakfast of pumpkin pancakes from the world’s best pancake maker, I led the kids in chores while Christopher installed a generator switch. Now, if the power goes out, I can easily fire up the generator and power my refrigerator, heat, some lights, and the microwave. In the afternoon we watched some football and had pizza for dinner.

Sunday. We set the clocks back. Whoever invented Daylight Savings Time did not have kids. Ben was up at 5:30. Logan at 6:15. I let Christopher sleep in on Saturday so he got up with them on Sunday. I think he had forgotten about DST when we made the deal. At any rate, I didn’t get to sleep in too long, because I went to church early for choir practice. I’m playing the flute in church next week, and again for the Christmas program. The little boys were beastly at church, more than usual. Nap time was not long enough, and by five p.m. Logan was throwing fits again. Although it was dusk, I threw him in the stroller for a walk around the neighborhood. It was basically dark and slightly rainy (when is it not in Seattle in November?), but I walked up and down the main street of our neighborhood where it was brightly lit. I chatted with my mom on speakerphone. At one point my neighbor drove by and asked if I was okay. I was confused until I realized it probably looked a bit odd. Me, walking around after dark, talking animatedly to myself. After a 45 minute walk Logan was happy again. He went to bed peacefully at seven.

Sunbreak = scooter ride

Vampire for preschool party

Playgroup snack time

Library visit … didn’t bother getting him dressed today

Beautiful fall leaves everywhere

Rearranging my kitchen cabinets

Bus stop – more fall leaves

Pumpkin carving at the Allen’s

Ben escaping

Ready for the ward party

I’m pretty sure Gavin pinched Ben right before this picture

After I painted my face green, Logan was wary of me until I washed it off later that night
Ready for trick-or-treating



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