Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving Week 2012 is over. And I’m exhausted. We didn’t even travel this year.

The week started out normally. The kids had school Monday through Wednesday. Megan had swimming. Monday night Corey babysat while Christopher, Pam, and I went to the gun range to try out some guns and buy one for Pam. We are headed to Front Sight next weekend. Wednesday night I went to Mod Pizza for Girls’ Night Out. There were only five of us, probably because of the impending holiday.

I waited until Wednesday to do my grocery shopping. I hit Trader Joe’s around 4:30, which was a zoo. I managed to snag the LAST stalk of brussels sprouts, but that was about it. Randomly, I spotted a woman who looked familiar. We both had a toddler in the Ergo and a preschooler in the buggy. We said, “I know you.” “BYU?” “Yeah, that’s it.” Later, we figured out we had roomed together at BYU for a week when we were seniors in high school for scholarship interviews. I invited her over for a play date. I’d love to pick her brain about being a Presidential Scholar turned stay-at-home mom. I always felt like we got mixed messages at BYU–excel in grad school and your career (the academic/scholarship influence) AND get married and have babies (the religious/cultural influence). Perhaps we were all supposed to marry stay-at-home dads. At any rate, she got a law degree so I’m interested to hear her perspective.

Thanksgiving was a great day. It was just us and the Carls, but with all the kids we managed to make 12 whole people. Shay brought the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and rolls. I made the sweet potato casserole and cornbread dressing. And Christopher hit a grand slam: sauteed brussels sprouts with pecans and bacon, roasted butternut squash, whole cranberry sauce, and two amazing pies, apple crumble and pumpkin, completely from scratch (including the crusts!) Yes, my husband is an amazing cook. And he managed to cook it all with a broken middle finger, from the morning Turkey Bowl. Our hosting was mediocre at best. The tablecloth was wrinkled. The plates were hand-me-downs from my mom (I didn’t even bother getting out the china). But the food was delicious.

(We took a few pictures but Google says I can’t post any more pictures for free on this blog so I’ll have to figure that out. Stay tuned.)

Friday was a lazy, rainy day. I think we meant to do stuff, but we didn’t. In the evening I took Megan to see Annie at the Meydenbauer Center. The performance was by the Bellevue Youth Theatre, and we really enjoyed it. We went with two of my friends and three of their daughters. We got dinner before the show and dessert after. It was a really special night. Christopher and the boys watched Star Wars at home.

Saturday the sun was shining and we accomplished a few things. We cleaned out the garage and pulled out the Christmas decorations, although we didn’t manage to put any up.

Sunday Logan cried all. day. long. He’s cutting top molars, and it’s just brutal. I didn’t even bother taking him to church. Christopher made an enormous pot of borscht and we tried to relax as Logan fussed. At least he goes to be at 6 p.m. After that, we decorated the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music. I had been really stressed out (probably from all the crying), but listening to music and enjoying the decorations has cheered me right back up.

And since I can’t post any pictures, check out this video:


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. I've heard of people not being able to post pictures. Weird. I'm sure I have as many or more pictures on my blog as most people and it's still letting me. I wonder what's up. I hope Logan gets those teeth soon. Crying and whining is so taxing on a momma.

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