Family Update

Update on the kids:

Megan. Made up a song to count down the days till her birthday. Super helpful most of the time. Still enjoys swim team.

Gavin. Called a “reading rock star” by his teacher, but she said he still does “just enough to get by.” Loves playing with his friends.

Ben. Transitioned to bunk bed, still up at 6 a.m. Loves preschool now, and is his teacher’s special helper. Says things like, “I can do whatever I want” and “I’m not really up for that” when told to do things he doesn’t like.

Logan. Says “Buh?” with a lilt, cutest thing ever. Means book, blankie, ball, brother. Grouchiest waker-upper EVER.


One thought on “Family Update

  1. “Grouchiest waker-upper EVER.” I have thought that about my two youngest kids!! I don’t think my youngest ever wakes up happy (not after nap, and not after sleeping at night.). Good thing our kids are cute 😉 !!

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