Megan’s 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, my water broke and I freaked out because I was six weeks early. I had been on bed rest since Halloween night and made it 40 days and 40 nights. And then she was coming, and there was no stopping her. Four pounds, nine ounces, and I was afraid I’d break her. Perhaps understanding this, she nursed constantly, and when she hit 20 pounds at five months, I no longer worried about her premature birth.

She was a fussy baby, and a demanding toddler, but once she learned how to keep herself busy she became content. She was always friendly, and funny, and kind, but has developed a patience and a grace that is a constant example to me.

Today for her birthday, I wanted to do something special, but I didn’t know what. Her daddy made her a special breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes and bacon) and I sent out invitations for a birthday party in a few weeks (when school gets out) but I didn’t have anything planned for the big day. Last minute, I came up with the perfect plan. I kidnapped her from school and took her to a special lunch with Christopher. She had requested dumplings for dinner. I said, “Like, in soup?” She said, “No, like from China!” Since I have never made dumplings, we took her to Din Tai Fung, an authentic dumpling house.

Then, as a surprise, we headed to Claire’s to get her ears pierced (finally!) She was so excited and calm at the same time. She barely flinched when the girl who had been piercing “oh, a few months” did the deed. I’m glad we made her wait, because it made it very special, and I think she will be able to take good care of her ears.

I’m so glad for my girl, and thankful she’s a part of our family.

IMG_20121211_083113 IMG_20121211_131837 IMG_20121211_140514 IMG_20121211_145129


6 thoughts on “Megan’s 10th Birthday

  1. Your picture of Megan on the top of the blog, along with the quote, is just gorgeous. I bet getting her ears pierced will be something she always remembers. I’m glad you made her wait too.

  2. Mmmm. Dumplings. Costco sells some fairly decent frozen dumplings with no nasty additives. We like authentic ones, but these are a great option for a quick weeknight dinner for dumpling fans. Atticus devours them.

  3. LOVE everything about the post…getting kidnapped from school by my mama made up some of my happiest childhood memories. And I hear you on the ear piercing thing. I’m trying to make it to 10, too!

  4. Katie wanted her ears pierced for her 7th bday. I wanted her to be older – my mom’s rule was 12. Dad won out and she got them done. Well, now 6 months later, she didn’t like changing them, so she let the holes grow back in. I told her she has to pay for it next time!

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