Pre-Christmas Catch-Up

Before I post all about Christmas 2012, let me fill you in on what we have been up to.

The week of Megan’s birthday was a busy one. After her dumpling and ear piercing adventure, we pretty much forgot about her birthday until her party, weeks later. The next day I had a play date with that old BYU friend I ran into at Trader Joe’s. She had two little boys almost exactly the same age as Ben and Logan, and we had a fun time talking, when we could. Benjamin was horrible. His social skills have taken a serious dive since he started giving up nap time, and they weren’t great to begin with. I apologized about a million times, and Stephanie promised to call for a post-holiday play date at their place, but we’ll see…

The next day was preschool (thankfully!) and Logan’s check up at the pediatrician. He weighs 24 pounds now and seems to be slowly down. He wasn’t quite walking at that appointment but finally, at 16 months, he seems to be getting the hang of it. He’s sleeping decently, and in general, a complete doll.

Friday, December 14 I hosted book club, since I didn’t have anything else going on. It was a brunch and I made a breakfast casserole and some waffles. Five other women came and brought a bunch of kids and it was blast. Everyone played nicely except for a few Ben incidences, which involved putting various object used as weapons out in the garage, and the wielder of such imaginary weapons in time out.

By Friday afternoon, I was exhausted. The days are LONG when Ben doesn’t nap, which is the norm these days. Fortunately, back up was on the way. Uncle Ethan, driving up from BYU, arrived just before dinner. And I had lots more back up coming…


Saturday morning at 9 a.m. we had our church Christmas breakfast. Lots of food, good friends, a brief program (Megan sang The First Noel), and Santa! (picture by Crystal Fisher)


In the afternoon, I left the boys at home. Megan had a birthday party for a church friend, Pepper, at Palettes and Pairings, a cute little place in Issaquah. We also did some Christmas shopping for the boys.


Sunday was a typical church day. We all made it to Sacrament Meeting but I left early with Logan because he had a runny nose. I had waffles ready when everyone came home. Monday was a cleaning day, and Tuesday was the last day of school. I was really counting on Ben’s last day of preschool, but we got a light dusting of snow, which caused a two-hour school delay. Preschool was cancelled! Fortunately Ethan was here so I could take Ben out while Logan was napping. The kids had fun playing in the snow…while it lasted.


Wednesday we got backup #2 when Aunt Allison flew into town. Christopher stayed late at work and picked her up. I was so glad to have them both on Thursday for Expedia’s annual holiday party. We saved money on babysitting and had a great real date. The party was at the EMP Museum, a place we had never been but always wanted to visit. We enjoyed the buffet, chatted with new and old friends, checked out the exhibits, and sat down, exhausted… at 8:30. We thought about leaving, as everyone was starting to get a little toasted, when we decided to check out the Sound Lab. This exhibit has lots of real instruments and jam studios, and since it was a private party, no lines! Christopher and I camped out in a recording studio. I played guitar, keys, and drums and taught him to play the bass. It was so much fun. They had to kick us out at 10:30 when the party ended.

The next day my mom flew into town, and Christopher headed to Utah for his great-grandmother’s funeral. Granny Baer was 99 and led a full and amazing life.

Saturday we threw Megan her birthday brunch. I pretty much put Megan in charge of the whole party. She gave me the guest list, planned the food and activities. When the party lulled, I pulled out a stack of paper, scissors, and markers. Thankfully, that lasted until the parents came. I’m glad Megan was able to celebrate with her friends. They were adorable. I’m hoping middle school next year won’t change things, though I know it will.

IMG_20121222_110958 IMG_20121222_110954 IMG_20121222_110726 IMG_20121222_102537

Saturday afternoon Mom, Allison, and I left Ethan with the kids (again!) and tried to finish the Christmas shopping. Ben had recently declared Santa was bringing him a “dinosaur with batteries”.

Sunday was a beautiful day. Our ward choir performed a Christmas program. I thought it was overly-ambitious when I started looking at the music, but angels must have been singing with us because it was AMAZING. I was able to play the flute in “Far, Far Away…” and sing several other Christmas hymns. The spirit was so strong, and the bishop gave a brief talk about service through small acts of kindness. There is such a tender feeling at Christmas and I hope we can carry that through the year.

Monday morning Christopher flew back and we did some last-minute shopping for groceries and batteries. Mom ended up buying most of the groceries. Christmas Eve we made several pots of soup and Shay came over with two more. We enjoyed dinner and waited for Christopher, Ethan, and Ben to return from the airport Devin and Hillary. After they got settled, we had a short Christmas program, sang some songs and read Luke 2. Then began the task of getting the kids down for the night. Everyone was excited and hyper and sleeping in weird places (couch, futon, twin mattress in our bathroom, etc.). Eventually, we were all able to rest. As Christopher and I got ready to hop in the bed, Logan decided he wanted to play. I guess he was excited, too!


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