Frozen Fingers, Frozen Toes

This week was cold. Monday we had a play date with Beck and Margot, then had an afternoon at home. Now that Ben is napping almost never, the days are very long. I’m still adjusting to the new routine. Tuesday was our new busy day. Ben had preschool and Logan and I ran some errands, mainly to return some Christmas gifts (the Symphony in B toy that I was SO excited about was defective–twice!) In the afternoon we picked up Megan and Gavin, dropped Megan at swimming, and Gavin and Ben had karate class. I tried to keep Logan busy for 45 minutes, then we picked Megan up and headed home for dinner. Christopher had a Space Angels Network meeting (the first in almost a year, I think), so he was late Tuesday night.

Wednesday was a gloomy day. We had nowhere to be. I tried to muster the energy to do Zumba/yoga at the church, didn’t make it. I thought about trekking to the children’s museum, didn’t make it. I was in a funk. Fortunately, I had a girls night planned for the evening, and did I ever need it. Three hours of gabbing, first at an Indian restaurant, then at a yogurt place was exactly what I needed to snap out of it. I have got to plan our days better because I am an extrovert and need more conversation than Ben and Logan can provide, unfortunately.

Thursday was another preschool/swimming/karate day. Ben only does karate on Tuesday, so while Gavin was in class I ran to Costco. I managed to drop Gavin off, drive to Costco, park, shop, and get back in 45 minutes. Apparently Thursday at 4 p.m. is my new Costco shopping time because it was a breeze to get in and out at that time.

Thursday evening we got a babysitter and took Gavin to “It’s Great to Be Eight” at the Stake Center in Bellevue. Gavin is turning 8 in February and gets to be baptized in March. He seems younger than Megan did when she was baptized. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Friday Gavin had another play date with Brandon. They picked him up from school AND brought him home after 8 p.m. I’m loving that, and you know Gavin is. I’m wondering what the protocol is for reciprocation. Of course I’d love to have Brandon over, but it’s different. Over there, they have the run of the place. Over here, they would be sequestered to Gavin’s room so the little brothers wouldn’t wreck their Lego creations. When I was a kid, I hated feeling that I couldn’t have my friends over because of all the younger siblings. I’m afraid I’ve recreated that scenario for Megan and Gavin. In spite of it, I’d rather have my siblings.

Saturday Gavin had karate and we ran some errands. In the afternoon we all crashed (including Ben, it had finally caught up to him). Christopher made dinner and we invited some friends over to play games and chat. They are slightly more experienced than us (their youngest child is Megan’s age) and their sage advice: “Once they hit 12, it’s completely out of your control.” So now I’m terrified for the teenage years. Or maybe I’ll appreciate these exhausting days just a bit more.

Today was great. Church is at 11 now. I’m teaching a Primary class again, which I love. Adult Sunday school is so boring. I have a group of seven 9-year-olds and they are a lot of fun. We have 125+ kids in our Primary now and more families moving in every week. It’s insane.

This evening we had dinner at the Millers house (Jake works for Expedia). Two other families were there, a new Expedia lawyer and his wife and four kids, and a family who just moved here from Germany (where the Miller were). The Germany family, the Farrows, are moving into our ward, and their oldest daughter is starting school with Gavin tomorrow. In fact, she will be in Gavin’s class at school, which brings the total to SIX Mormon kids! It was a great group, and we all hit it off. I couldn’t believe, also, how good our kids were. We had no trouble with Ben or Logan, and we were there until 8:30, well past their bedtime. We got home at 8:45 and all kids went straight to bed without any fuss. We are a family full of extroverts. Give us a party and we’re all content.

Here are all the pictures I took this week. All three of them. Logan with smoothie. Kids playing on the icy playground. Ben building a marbleworks tower during his former naptime.




3 thoughts on “Frozen Fingers, Frozen Toes

  1. As always, I am exhausted reading it, but I know you love being busy. I laughed out loud when you said that adult sunday school is so boring!

  2. I’m still trying to convince David to move up there. Sounds like we’d fit right in. In fact, I read an article about the large percentage of Mormons in Washington. That sage advice scares me. William is about to turn 11 so I guess I have one more year to make some sort of impact on him, huh? Scary.

  3. Did you pull the tab on the symphony toy? Did it only play in demo mode? Apparently a lot of people have that problem. I need to get marble works, Atticus loves those things.

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