Logan @ 17 Months

Logan turned 17 months old, er, a few days ago. Isn’t it sad that I hardly pay attention? He’s such a big boy now. He’s finally walking around all the time, although he prefers bare feet or his Robeez. I put a pair of Stride Rite sneakers on him today and he didn’t quite know what to do. 

Logan is in his squealing phase. The phase where he knows exactly what he wants, but doesn’t quite have the words, so he’s just going to scream until we figure it out. I clearly remember when Megan was in this phase. We took a trip to South Carolina, and after a long plane ride with Megan squealing as her primary form of communication, a woman stopped me and said, “I think you need parenting classes.”

But I digress. Logan is a good-natured kid. Now that he’s over his year of teething and ear infections, he’s a happy boy. Tooth #16 broke through recently, so we should be free of teething until two-year molars. 

Logan has a good sense of humor and seems to be a peacemaker. He doesn’t like it when anyone fights, including pretend wrestling. He’s very affectionate and gives hugs and kisses. He lets me snuggle and rock him at night. I can’t remember the last time I had a kid do that. He sleeps consistently now at night, and rarely wakes up. Today we played musical bedrooms, again, and Logan was demoted to our bathroom. The crib fits fine in there, and hopefully we’ll all be sleeping again now that Ben is in a locked bedroom.

Logan is a great eater. He eats everything and will only self-feed. He will scream if you 1. try to feed him or 2. try to share his food. When it’s time to eat, I strap Logan in his high chair, put a bib on him, roll up his sleeves and leave him alone. 

Logan absolutely loves books. He’s not a huge toy kid (none of my kids are), preferring to dump every single pot, pan, cup, and utensil out of the kitchen cabinets on the floor instead. He also loves playing in the toilet and climbing stairs. 

I’m already looking forward to the freedom we will have this summer now that he’s becoming a big kid. And his 18-month birthday is on…wait for it…a Sunday! Four weeks till nursery!




One thought on “Logan @ 17 Months

  1. What a sweet boy. Did someone seriously tell you you needed parenting classes? You should have told them to do go manners classes.

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