The Time Ben Got “Lost” at Church

A few Sundays ago, when my family was in town, I left church during Sunday school to take my mom and Logan home. Allison and Ethan were still there, and Megan, Gavin, and Ben were in their classes. When I got back to the church, around 15 minutes later, I noticed there were men walking around the parking lot. As I entered the building, Ben’s nursery teacher passed me and gasped, “We lost Ben!”

“Ooookay,” I replied. “Where should I start looking?”

I walked around the church, asking people if they had seen Ben, peeking into a few classrooms. I did the entire loop around the church and more and more people were joining the search. Shay was walking around the parking lot saying, “Ben, I have candy for you!” and Ben’s poor nursery leaders were panicked. I, surprisingly, was completely calm. He’s not the kind of kid to run away from a building of people and activity. He would more likely turn up at the pulpit disrupting a sermon. At any rate, I didn’t worry.

Eventually, and I don’t know how long it was, perhaps five minutes after I got back, one of his teachers said breathlessly, “We found him.” He had been hiding in the nursery room the whole time! Apparently, he had swiped someone’s cell phone and was playing Angry Birds. He had wiggled his way into a little space between an upholstered rocking chair and a curtain. Despite the teachers searching the room and calling his name, they hadn’t found him. And he, enjoying his Angry Birds, was not about to alert them to his presence.

I went back into the room, took the cell phone away, and sat him down in my lap. “Benjamin,” I said sternly, “We were all very worried about you.”

“But Mom,” he said, exasperated. “I was right here the whole. time.”

Fortunately, his days of nursery are over. He is in primary with the big kids now, and not a moment too soon.


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