Ben’s Birthday Week

This week revolved around school schedules and Ben’s birthday. Monday was a school holiday. Gavin played with friends all day, and Megan missed him. Her friends tend to stay busy with extracurricular activities and are never home. Tuesday everyone was back in school, and Megan and Gavin started standardized testing. Ben took chocolate chip muffins to preschool. That afternoon they had karate and swimming. Megan didn’t want to go to swimming, Gavin was lukewarm, and Ben wouldn’t even stay in his class. We decided we are taking the month of February off. Megan will start swimming again in March and Gavin will start Little League. I’ll find Ben another activity. Karate involved too much instruction and not enough action for him. Soccer or swimming, perhaps?

Wednesday was Troy’s birthday, Ben’s friend. We went over to the Plewes for a birthday playdate. Lunch, cupcakes. Everyone had fun, although Logan was a bit whiny this week.

Thursday I copied Bethany’s idea and we had a birthday playdate for Ben. I served Papa Murphy’s pizza for lunch and the cake did not turn out well (I should have made cupcakes) but everyone seemed to have fun. All the moms stayed and we chatted. I really like them a lot. Unfortunately Bethany didn’t make it because Troy started throwing up… hopefully it was too much birthday cake and not a virus!



Thursday night Christopher and I went to stake temple night. Friday night we lounged around the house, and Saturday was Ben’s big day!

In the morning he opened his presents. He received a Lego ship from Gavin and a hand-me-down Piggly Wiggly t-shirt from Megan. He got Legos from Grammy and Poppy, a new bike helmet from Grandma and Grandpa, cards (some with $10!) from all the great-grandmas. From Mom and Dad he got Buzz Lightyear wings and more Geotrax (both great consignment finds!) I also bought a LoveSac for the family, and happened to put it in the living room on Ben’s birthday, so he thinks it’s his now.

IMG_8239 IMG_8243

After lunch, the city was hosting a Lego building event, so I took the big kids to that while Christopher stayed home with napping Logan. Megan and Gavin entered a competition, but the other kids put more thought into their creations. Next time we’ll have to plan ahead a bit.



Saturday evening Pam and Corey came over. Pam cut the boys’ hair and they babysat for us while we went to the adult session of Stake Conference. Megan went to a party for her friend Stuti. It was a sleepover but I took her home around 10:30. I think she had a lot of fun, and I had a great time taking with Stuti’s mom Richa when I picked her up.

Another fun thing: Emma Rose Carroll was born yesterday. She was due on the same day as Ben (Feb. 11), born on the same day (Jan. 26) and even weighed the same (7-3)!



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