Monday – Playdate with Beck and Margot. Family Night.

Tuesday – Preschool for Ben. Swimming and karate. Megan didn’t want to swim, so she helped me chase Logan around. Had a nice chat with a grandma who also had a daughter and three sons. She said things are different now. Kids used to just run around outside all the time. Visiting teaching in the evening.

Wednesday – Four-year checkup for Ben. 39 pounds (75%) and 43 1/2 inches (95%+) Tall kid. Booster shots. Told pediatrician I was exasperated with his behavior and she said pick a form of discipline and be consistent for a month to see if there’s improvement. If only Christopher and I could agree. Logan got a flu shot. He had a stomach virus (started before the shot), so he was crabby for a few days with diarrhea.

Awesome Relief Society activity in the evening. Seminar at the Hansen’s house about trust and relationships. Originally from BYU Woman’s Conference.

Thursday – Preschool, and our last day of swimming/karate. We are taking the month off extracurriculars in February. I’m tired of running around. Ben’s arm got incredibly red and swollen (from the top of the shoulder to the elbow), but the doctor said it was a normal reaction. Poor kid; he didn’t even complain and I didn’t notice until his shower.

Friday – Playdate with Kearls in the morning. Ben punched Brian in the stomach within 10 minutes of being there. I just wanted to cry. Hoping Stephanie will want to still hang out, because I like talking to her. Logan and Tom played nicely. Bonus: the morning fog cleared into a beautiful sunny afternoon. We spent the afternoon outside; Gavin on his bike, Ben on his scooter. Logan walked around outside for the first time in his life. Christopher fell asleep early and I stayed up too late reading (finished Up a Road Slowly).

Saturday – Worked around the house and watched the Farrow girls in the afternoon (Ben and Jessica just moved here from Germany). Cool family. Look forward to getting to know them better. Christopher and I watched too much TV after the kids went to bed.

Sunday – Enjoyed my primary class while Christopher walked around the hall with Logan. Two more weeks until nursery. Ben went “missing” again… was hiding in the same room. That kid should’ve been a von Trapp. He would’ve nailed the convent scene.

Pictures from the week. Outside. Enjoying the Love Sac (Christopher can’t stay awake in it). Chicken soup for sick Logan. Logan looking up at the TV. He was pitching a full-blown on the floor temper tantrum. I turned on Little Einsteins and he stopped immediately. Stinker. The picture of Ben’s vaccinated arm doesn’t do it justice. But he’s fine now and we don’t have to worry about measles, whooping cough, or a host of other diseases. Rah rah Jonas Salk.

ps Thanks for all the support from the last post. I really do feel it, and really do appreciate it!

IMG_20130201_155511 IMG_20130201_154449



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