Valentine’s Week 2013

Our Valentine’s Day date: All kids in bed by 7 p.m. and a new episode of Suits.

This week has been great, despite the germs we’ve been passing around. Logan’s fever broke early Saturday morning, and Christopher kept him and Ben during Gavin’s party. After the guests left, I noticed Ben was burning up with fever. He was down all weekend, which was both sad and kind of nice. Without his abundance of energy, he was downright pleasant to be around. Monday night we also celebrated Gavin’s birthday with a spaghetti dinner and root beer floats for dessert.

On Monday Ben still had a fever, but Logan was the miserable one. He was coughing and snotty and crabby, but the worst symptom was his bad breath. I knew something wasn’t getting better, so we took him in and got him an antibiotic. Within 48 hours, his nose was clear, his breath was sweet, and most importantly, he’s happy again.

Tuesday night Christopher stayed home with the little guys while I took Megan and Gavin to his first Cub Scout Pack meeting, which also happened to be the Blue & Gold Banquet! Gavin was so excited to join his buddies. He even got his first Pinewood derby car kit, which he has four weeks to build. So begins the first week in the next 16 years of Scouting.

Wednesday night I went to a Mexican restaurant for girls’ night, then ran home so Christopher could play basketball with his friends. We are trying to get out more.

Thursday, Megan, Gavin, and Ben were excited for their Valentine’s Day parties at school. Well, Megan was excited. Gavin cried to stay home and play Legos and Ben was indifferent. Christopher made pink, heart-shaped, chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. At least someone in this family had enough energy to make the day special! Thursday afternoon Megan complained she wasn’t feeling well. By the evening, her fever had spiked.

Friday the weather was gorgeous. The little boys and I played outside in the morning until Megan called. “Come home and take care of me.” I went home and tanked her up with Gatorade and ibuprofen, and tucked her into my bed with a movie. When I put Logan down for his nap, I took advantage of the babysitting and ran errands with Ben. We went to the post office, REI, Target, and Trader Joe’s. After TJ’s, I called to check on her. When she answered the phone, she had forgotten we had left. She was still watching TV and Logan was still asleep. Of course, 10 minutes later when I stopped to get gas, she called. Logan was screaming. I made it home in another 10 minutes. That kid wakes up so crabby.

No sooner had I arrived home than I got a call from the school. Gavin was running a fever of 102. I went back out to get him, then snuggled him on the couch with some Gatorade and Motrin.

Christopher and I had a hot date that night. We were going to a wedding reception for a Darden friend, but I couldn’t leave the sick kids with the babysitter. Christopher stopped by the reception (it was on his way home from work) and when he got home everyone was in bed, including me, eating my Trader Joe’s chocolate and watching The Cosby Show.

Saturday Megan and Gavin were still sick, so I took Ben and we had a great time running errands. We went to Desert Book, the Indian buffet for lunch, and even the children’s museum. In the afternoon, I dropped him off at home and got a massage! Pizza for dinner and early bed times.

Update: For some reason, this didn’t publish when I wrote it last week. The weekend was quiet, with Megan and Gavin down all weekend. Their fevers were gone by Monday, but Megan’s throat was still hurting, so I made her a doctor’s appointment. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I never actually looked in her throat until Monday morning, and it was awful! Of course, it was strep, so the doc put Megan and Gavin on amoxicillin. They should be better by the time they leave on Wednesday. It is Winter Break so we don’t have to worry about them missing school. Today, Megan is deep cleaning her room (she’s such a hoarder!) and Gavin is already whining that he’s bored, so I know he must be feeling better!

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