Logan @ 18 months

Logan turned 18 months on Sunday. I was so excited for his first day of nursery, but since Megan and Gavin were sick he just stayed home with Christopher. Next week.

Logan is growing up fast. He is funny and sweet, and he also throws a wicked temper tantrum. He’s starting to really like to read, and he’s so domestic. His favorite thing to do is “cook” and “clean”. He’s always carrying around a pot and ladle and urging us to taste his latest creation. When Christopher left the broom out, he immediately started to sweep the floor and empty the dustpan into the garbage. And the last time I left my purse on the couch, he walked around the house, carrying it in front of him with two hands like a little old lady.

He’s a pretty good sleeper, usually pulling a 12-13 hour stretch at night and a 2-3 hour nap. Sometimes, though, he wakes up in the night and pitches a fit. And his fits are violent. He throws his body around, he hits, and he screams!

Fortunately for us, those moments are few and far between.

IMG_8301 IMG_8339 IMG_8321 IMG_8320 IMG_8318 IMG_8316 IMG_8308


2 thoughts on “Logan @ 18 months

    • I don’t think it’s night terrors. I think it’s blood sugar. He wakes up from his naps the same way. He screams until we force feed him. Usually I have to stick a little piece of chocolate or something in his mouth. That will calm him down enough to eat some applesauce, cheese, etc. When he screams in the night we stick a sippy cup of milk in his mouth until he’ll drink, and then he’s fine. Hypoglycemia, maybe? Christopher and Gavin are both beasts when they’re hungry, too. When Gavin was a toddler I had a jar of jellybeans to force feed him when he woke up from his naps.

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