Good day

Today was a good day.

1. It was sunny. We got some outside time, not to mention the gorgeous light streaming through the windows.

2. Ben took a nap. Hallelujah. I didn’t get to rest but I did get to help Megan de-junk her room. We threw away two full garbage bags. Her room looks about the same, but I KNOW it’s cleaner.

3. Everyone ate their dinner without complaint. I know it’s a small thing, but usually someone is whining or throwing their food on the floor. Logan held up his plate twice for seconds. It was just some sauteed salmon, roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Simpler is better around here, apparently.

Oh, and I think I know why Logan pitches the temper tantrums. He screamed violently when he woke up from his nap. Every time I tried to pick him up, he hit and kicked and arched his back. Eventually, I held him tight (so he wouldn’t arch his head into a wall), walked him down to the kitchen, and shoved a piece of chocolate into his tight lips. Almost immediately, he stopped crying. After the chocolate melted I stuck a squeezable applesauce in his mouth, and he sucked it down. By that time he was almost breathing normally, and after he downed a slice of cheese, he was calm. According to the internet (that foolproof source of medical knowledge), he has ketotic hypoglycemia, or accelerated starvation. Sounds bad, but basically it presents around 18 months and goes away around age 8. The treatment? Lots of snacks. Explains so much. Why Gavin is so skinny. Why his behavior is improving dramatically (way fewer tantrums). Why Logan’s tantrums are just gearing up. Why Logan has been wearing the same size clothes for 10 months. He’ll probably be as skinny as Gavo. I remember lots of night feedings with Gavin. Three a.m. glasses of milk and slices of bread. I remember force feeding Gavin jellybeans after his naps. Looks like I’m in for it again.

IMG_20130219_164648 IMG_20130217_170722 IMG_20130217_210726 IMG_20130217_211104 IMG_20130218_144519



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