Bronchiolitis? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Monday after naps I ended up taking Logan back to the doctor. His cough and congestion were so bad he couldn’t sleep. The doctor checked him out, diagnosed him with bronchiolitis (viral), then ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia (bacterial). I said, can’t we just treat him with antibiotics? Wouldn’t a round of unnecessary meds be less harmful than a shot of unnecessary radiation? She assured me it wouldn’t. In the end, I felt fleeced, wondering if my doctor was being thorough or just trying to make money (the x-ray was in house). His lungs were fine, and later when I called my mom, she said, “The radiation isn’t that big of a deal, but if they were worried about pneumonia, why didn’t they check his O2 sat first?” Doh! I wish I would have thought of that. The whole thing left me pretty angry. And Logan still is sick. Much better than early in the week, but still too sick for church. Despite his illness, we took a walk to the lake after the appointment, since we were right there. It was chilly, but the sun was out!

Christopher, Megan, and Gavin returned Monday night. I was already asleep, but I had made up their beds with fresh sheets and I think they fell into them and were asleep immediately. In the morning they told me all about their adventures, which I will write about in the next post when Christopher (ahem!) sends me some pictures and videos.

Tuesday Ben had school and I stayed home with sick Logan. Thursday was the same deal. Wednesday Megan and I had an orthodontist appointment, and I couldn’t get a babysitter, and I couldn’t leave Logan with someone in his condition, so the boys sat in the car for almost an hour and played electronics while Megan and I were in and out. I am officially done with my Invisalign and Megan doesn’t need braces for at least another year. Her teeth are actually quite straight and her mouth shape takes after Christopher, thank goodness. We’ll see how it looks when her permanent teeth are finished growing in.

We raced from the ortho to church for Scouts. I dropped Gavin off and asked Tamie Ard if she could give him a ride home. Her youngest is Gavin’s age, and she has one Megan’s age and a couple of teenagers. She was so nice to say yes, and then she called me the next morning to check on me. I had told her Logan was sick, and she said, “I’m at the grocery store and just wanted to ask if you needed anything.” I was so touched that she had thought of me, but I had planned a weekend Costco run, so I declined.

When Saturday rolled around, I left Christopher with the boys and Megan and I spent the whole day out. She read Harry Potter while Shay and I got a much-needed spa treatment and massage. Then Megan and I got some lunch and tried to find the poor girl some new sneakers. She’s in the women’s sizes now, and I didn’t want to spend $50, and I didn’t want to get something cheap. We both could tell the difference between the name brand and off-brand shoes. We went to five stores and didn’t buy anything, but eventually I’m going to have to bite the bullet. In the meantime, she can wear her Converses and if her PE teacher has a problem they can just be patient.

It’s amazing how the older kids get, the more expensive they get. You try to be frugal and they just, you know, always want to eat. And wear shoes.

(Rereading this, I realize how hypocritical it sounds to complain about buying shoes after I had a spa treatment. Yeah. Well, it was a Living Social deal, at least, and I gotta do something for myself once in a while!)


Aromatherapy playdough

Aromatherapy playdough

IMG_20130227_181001 IMG_20130226_125237

Jaunt around the lake

Jaunt around the lake

Ben took this in the pediatrician's office

Ben took this in the pediatrician’s office


One thought on “Bronchiolitis? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  1. I always question extra tests as well. I hate spending more money than you already have to on anything medical. I can’t believe Megan is in woman sizes, I’d probably barely even recognize her now!

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