Baptism week

Another busy week. Sunday Christopher had to stay home with Logan again because of his snotty nose. Curse the “toddler drizzle”!

Monday we had family night in the evening, then I went to the first meeting of an all-woman gun class. I really like the person who is teaching it, but I fear that after Front Sight the class is not as structured as I would like. I need to talk to her about whether or not I should continue, because at Front Sight I learned such precise, good habits, I refuse to do anything that is different from the training I received there. I mean, when these women were talking about carrying guns in purses, I almost walked out right there!

Tuesday I dropped Ben at school and watched the Farrow kids for an hour while Jess volunteered in Mrs. Ogden’s class. When I picked Ben up from school, another woman was asking Teacher Robyn if she had filled out an incident report. As soon as I heard the phrase “incident report” I knew Ben was involved. Awkwardly, Ben’s teacher and school nurse informed me that Ben had accidentally been punched in the face… by his teacher. Apparently they were playing with the big parachute in the gym, you know, the big rainbow-colored ones. The other kids were holding on to the parachute, in a circle, but Ben was running around and under the chute, weaving among his classmates. As the teacher was shaking the parachute, Ben ran up beside her and she whacked him in the side of the head. Honestly, I wasn’t too worried, but the school nurse was like, “Watch him for signs of a concussion!” and his teacher was acting so cagey with me. I left there feeling confused. However, later I realized that the reason they were acting so weird was they were worried I was going to be upset, or like, sue them or something. I decided to email Ben’s teacher to let her know he was fine (seriously, didn’t even leave a mark), but she beat me to it. “I have been so worried about him! Please let me know how he is. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll call tonight.” I emailed her back, he is just fine, don’t worry about it. I also asked how he was doing, behavior wise. She said, “Oh, you know, he’s just a bit impulsive, but don’t worry about it. I had a son who was just like him as a preschooler, and he’s turned into a fine young man.” After those words of encouragement, I didn’t give the incident a second thought.

Wednesday was Megan’s 5th grade concert. In addition to singing, they were performing in percussion ensembles, and I was excited to hear Megan was playing the cowbell. I took Logan, who was pretty good, but left Ben with a neighbor. Wednesday afternoon I took Megan and Gavin to the church for Activity Days and Cub Scouts. I planned to stay the hour and let the little boys run around the gym. It was a rainy day. Unfortunately, would you believe every inch of our church building was occupied? Half the gym was set up for a Pinewood Derby (not our ward). Half was set up for some dinner. The larger rooms (Relief Society, Primary, nursery) were set up for seminary. The missionaries were studying in the Sunbeam room. Disappointed, I just took the boys home and picked up Megan and Gavin later. I’m glad there are so many members of the church in the area. I’m wondering if they are thinking about constructing another building in the near future.

Thursday was a typical preschool day, with swim team for Megan in the afternoon. In the morning Jess watched Logan so I could go to the chiropractor. My back has been hurting horribly. I’m trying so hard to stretch and not lift heavy stuff, but with Logan being 25 pounds and needing to be lifted, it’s hard not to. I need to stop lifting Ben completely. At 40 pounds, he’s a beast, but sometimes his behavior necessitates being carried.

Friday I cleaned and went to Costco in preparation for the weekend. It was a gorgeous day, and in the afternoon my in-laws flew in.

Saturday was the big day for Gavin, which I’ll write about in a separate post, and Sunday was Logan’s first day in nursery! Despite his continued toddler drizzle, we took him in and he did wonderfully. Christopher sat and watched (the request for first-timers) and Logan was his usual sweet self. He ate about five times any other kid did at snack time, helped take out and put away the carpet squares at circle time, and spent his play time cooking at the kitchen and pushing a baby doll around in a stroller. After church he took his longest nap ever, and we had to wake him up around 6 p.m.

20130306_103037 IMG_20130307_121658 IMG_20130307_111345


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