The week Megan sprained her ankle

The week started smoothly enough. Then Monday afternoon I get a call from the school nurse. “Megan fell on the playground and hurt her ankle. She can’t bear weight. You’ll probably have to take her in for x-rays.” Thankfully it was already three p.m., so I called my middle school neighbor and had her come over. I left Logan with her but took Ben with me, since she had never babysat for me before and Ben was getting squirrely. I figured at the least, he could play with my phone. I got to the school and found Megan, clearly red-faced and in pain. Luckily, they had a wheelchair and we got her out to the van. I ended up taking her across the street to my pediatrician instead of seven minutes down the road to urgent care. If I could do it over again, I would’ve just gone to urgent care.

Everyone at the peds office was so nice. They got a wheelchair and wheeled her in, did the x-ray, and checked her out. I looked at the x-ray with the pediatrician, and there was a small part of the bone that she said might have buckled slightly, but probably not. Probably just a sprain. She sent off the x-rays to be reviewed by the radiologist. I’m assuming the urgent care clinic would have someone experienced in x-ray reading. But I could be wrong. The pediatrician had a boot (walking cast), but I had to go across the street to Rite Aid and buy some crutches.


We carefully got Megan home and on the couch and started icing her ankle. Later, when Christopher got home, he carried her up to her bed and I helped her get her pj’s on. She was in a lot of pain, and the Advil wasn’t cutting it. It didn’t occur to me until bedtime and she couldn’t sleep that the pediatrician didn’t prescribe something. I’m still a newbie at this I guess. Lucky for me, I still have a small supply of my post-partum oxycodone, and I gave her half a pill, which worked great. The next day I kept her home and she stayed in bed all day with a bag of frozen black eyed peas on her ankle. I had two bags in the freezer that were getting old so I just switched those out all day.

That night (Tuesday) was the Pinewood Derby and I was sad to miss Gavin’s first one, but between Megan and the little boys being rotten (I put Ben to bed at 6:15 that night), I just let Christopher take him. They both came home happy. Gavin had placed 2nd, 4th, 2nd, and 4th (out of six or eight, I think) and won the award for Most Aerodynamic Car. I was proud of both of them. Christopher had been sensitive about making sure Gavin did most of the design and construction of the car, and I think he gave Gavin just the right amount of support.


Wednesday I gave Megan some Advil and took her to school. I helped her walk down to her class, then I took Ben over to the early childhood classrooms for an evaluation. Remember how I took him in to the Peer Model Screening? Well, the school psychologist called back and said they had some concerns about Ben’s fine motor skills, and wanted to evaluate him to see if he has any delays and if there are any services they can offer us. Well, as rotten as Ben was during the Peer Model screening (I hate this place! Can we get out of here?), he was as angelic during his evaluation. He suddenly found toys he loved. He aced the vision and hearing screening. He chatted up everyone (“Wow, I just love this toy! I love you, Mom!”). At the end, they said they were still concerned about his fine motor skills. Basically, he’s not gripping a pencil and cutting with scissors at an age-appropriate level. Really? He just turned four. I can’t get him to sit still enough to color, and I don’t trust him with scissors.

So we are going back in a month for another evaluation by the OT, and he might get occupational therapy or admitted to the preschool class. I’m not sure if I should be concerned, and part of me wonders if they are throwing me a bone and trying to get him in the preschool class. Whatever, I’ll just jump through their hoops and see what comes of it. Can’t hurt, right?… Although, I am nervous about having him labelled as delayed. When they talked to me (about six teachers and other professionals), Ben was in the room with us, playing. I wanted to say, “You know he’s listening to every word we say, right?” I imagine most kids don’t pay attention, but I knew Ben was.

I went to pick Logan up, and ended up hanging out for a bit with my friend Jen, and Leone was over there, too. We had three preschoolers and four toddlers among us. At noon I picked Megan up from school. It was an early release day, and I wasn’t going to be able to pick her up at 1:30, so I just picked her up even earlier. She only missed recess, lunch, and music, so I wasn’t too concerned. She spent the afternoon with more ice, but she never asked for pain meds again. The swelling had gone down considerably, replaced with the black and blue.

Wednesday night was the Relief Society birthday celebration, and boy did I need a night out with friends. We just had a fun little party at the church, with crepes and a discussion panel on various topics. I enjoyed it.

Thursday Megan rode to school with Christina for her last day of Math Olympiad. Ben was back in preschool finally (Tuesday was exams for the high schoolers so he didn’t have school). Logan and I had some quality time, wandering around the neighborhood, eating second breakfast. The boy is obsessed with being outside now. He will stand at the door, shoes in hand, and scream for half an hour. He’s a passionate kid, either smiling or screaming, and while annoying, the tantrums seem to phase me less with each kid. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

I picked Megan up from school and we had a great night. Christopher had a basketball game, and I said she could rest on the couch until he got home (about 9:30), but she wanted to be upstairs so she crawled up. It was both pathetic and resourceful. That kid is a trooper. Thursday night, I was drooped on the couch and thinking, “This house is a complete disaster, but I’ll just clean it tomorrow.”  With my #2 out of commission (I’m thinking Megan, but this works both ways since Christopher was out, too), things were a bit more disastrous than normal. It was about 10 p.m. when I remembered I promised to host book club the next morning.

Friday Christopher dropped Megan off at school, and I ran around the house like a whirlwind, trying to hide evidence of our slovenly lifestyle and make myself and the little boys presentable. Success. By the time some book club friends showed up, on Mormon Standard Time, the downstairs was straightened, wiped, and vacuumed, we were all dressed, and I had managed to throw together some waffle batter. We enjoyed another book club where we hardly talked about books (which I don’t mind, at this point).

Friday afternoon we were all so beat, Logan, Ben, and even I fell asleep. I can’t remember the last time I took an afternoon nap. Unfortunately, I had to pick up Megan from school. I just didn’t think she could navigate the school bus with crutches. I had set my alarm for an hour, so I got a cat nap. The worst part of the day was waking up those little boys from a dead sleep. I HATE waking sleeping babies. Thankfully, with a couple of Z Bars in the car, they recovered quickly. With the exception of dropping off Megan at a friend’s house, we spent the entire afternoon outside enjoying the balmy 57 degrees temps and only mostly cloudy sky. Megan was headed to a Stake Activity Days pajama party in Bellevue. She is having a blast, I’m sure, and best of all, I just got a call that Laura is bringing her home, so I can finish blogging.

For a week that start out pretty rough, this one hasn’t ended bad at all.


Update: Megan just got home. She had a blast tonight.




3 thoughts on “The week Megan sprained her ankle

  1. Hope that ankle heals quickly. I totally understand about forgetting things like pain meds for the kid. I forgot x-rays from the hospital and so we ended up paying double or maybe even triple when we had to get more at the cast place. Maybe by kid #8 I’ll have this down (TOTALLY kidding).

  2. Atticus is getting evaluated by a speech therapist next week….I’m hoping he has a delay so he can go to 4k next year! 3-yr-olds with delays can do the free 4k program in our school district, which means free preschool 5 days a week, 3 hours a day at the preschool we already go to. He missed the deadline by 5 days and then I heard about this… here’s hoping. Will Benny go to preschool more often if he has a delay?

    But I agree about not talking about it in front of them. I need to be better about that. Even though Atticus knows… he gets so frustrated now because we can’t understand him.

  3. I completely agree about not talking about his “delays” in front of him. That just doesn’t seem right at all. I am sure he will be just as gifted as your other children. He is just spunky (and cute)!

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