Crazy weather week

Saturday Christopher and Gavin ran some errands in the morning. They went to the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale and bought some flowers and herbs and Christopher put a planter on our front porch. He is in charge of it, along with Steve the Goldfish, because heaven knows I can’t take care of a living creature that doesn’t whine when it’s hungry. Christopher wanted fresh herbs for his cooking, so I was all for that. Someday we’d like to have a large garden. Someday.

That afternoon Megan and I hit a large consignment sale. The little boys stuff was picked through, but there was a ton in Megan’s size, and a huge juniors section. We filled a laundry basket and went to the bathroom to try stuff on. I may have bought more for myself than any of the kids.

When I got home Christopher took Megan and Gavin to YoPlateau to celebrate their good report cards while I put the little guys to bed, then we enjoyed a relaxing evening together. Probably watching something on the Food Network. Now that we have satellite TV again, we watch a lot of Food Network.

Sunday Logan was still snotty so Christopher stayed home with the little guys while I went to church.

Monday Megan had a field trip to the middle school for 5th grade orientation. Thankfully they were taking buses, although it’s only half a mile. She was still on crutches but almost ready to walk on the boot. That evening I went to the parent orientation, where the teachers first tried to talk us into signing our kids up for the music programs, then  tried to scare us away from signing our kids up for the gifted programs. They were successful enough; Megan will be taking orchestra next year and playing Allison’s old violin. She’ll definitely be in advanced language arts, but not science, where she would have be taking high school biology in 8th grade. She’ll most likely be in advanced math unless her forthcoming test scores are a surprise.

Tuesday Ben was back in preschool, and Logan was still snotty. Megan was walking on the boot, but I still took them to school.

Wednesday Megan’s science fair project was due, so I dropped them at school again. The carpool line was a disaster; apparently all the other parents were dropping their kids off, too. Most kids walk or ride the bus to school, so the carpool line is usually light. Wednesday afternoon Gavin had Scouts, and I took the little guys to the library, although wished I hadn’t. Each of them is really a full-time job and taking them both out in public, unless somewhere very child friendly (like a park, children’s museum, or Target) is not a fun trip.

Thursday Ben had more preschool, and Christopher was home late for the third night in a row. It’s Business Week at Expedia, where employees fly in from all over (London, Sydney, etc.) and so there are extra meetings and dinners. Gavin’s Little League practice was cancelled due to some nasty sleet, so we headed straight to McDonald’s for dinner. Megan complained that McDonald’s food was made of sawdust and gave you diabetes, but we weren’t going for the food. We were going for the indoor playplace. While the weather swirled around outside, the boys ran around, and Megan read. We really, really need a Chick-Fil-A.

Friday, after we woke up to an inch of fluffy snow that immediately melted when the sun came out, I broke down and took Logan to the doctor. She prescribed an antibiotic because I said I was sick of this green snot. The kid has been sick since the beginning of February. The round of amoxicillin didn’t knock it out, so we’re trying Augmentin this time. We went to Target. I like their pharmacy the best, and I needed a few other important things, like moisturizer (for me), nail polish remover (for Megan), and pool noodles. Ever since Christopher introduced the kids to Star Wars, Ben and Gavin have been playing “lightsabers” with anything long enough to swing at each other. Six dollars worth of pool noodles and some duct tape = six lightsabers. Now they can whack each other all they want.

Friday night we did babysitting swap and I had the best time ever watching six young kids. Two were already down when I got there at 6:15 (visiting from Boston, on East Coast time). I read to the two-year-old twins for a little while, then put them in their cribs. Funny enough, one of the twins pitched a fit and I snuggled him for a bit. When I put him back in, he still seemed mad, but went to sleep. Later, when I checked on them, they were in different cribs! Apparently, I put them in the wrong cribs, and the twin who was fussing (Joseph) wanted his crib, and managed to kick his brother out of his. They also have a little girl Ben’s age who went to bed without a fuss, and a boy Gavin’s age who was playing a video game, and when I said, “Hey, bud, it’s 7:30,” turned the game off, walked straight upstairs and got in his bed. Where do I get such compliant kids? I spent the rest of the night reading on their new, comfy couch (they just moved into their new house over Thanksgiving).

Saturday we woke up to an unexpected and unbelievably beautiful day. Awesome, because it’s packed. Little League Opening Day with parade, baseball practice, Lego workshop at the library, and lots of chores and playing outside. Bonus: tonight Corey and Pam are babysitting so Christopher and I can go on a real date. It’s been a while. We are going with a group to dinner and comedian Brian Regan. Should be fun.

(All the pictures of Logan, in the same hat and coat, were taken on different days.)

IMG_20130317_152850 IMG_20130318_112519 IMG_20130321_114454 IMG_20130323_142840


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