Easter Week

Last Sunday we all managed to make it to church, healthy and happy. Logan was on day three of the antibiotics. Of course, we can’t stay healthy in this house, so Sunday night Ben came down with a nasty cold. I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 10, but I rescheduled it to Wednesday so Christopher could watch the boys. I couldn’t leave Ben with my friend like I had planned.

Unfortunately, the cold did not slow Ben down, and I ended up still sending him to school on Tuesday and Thursday. I guess I’ve become one of those mothers. But without a fever or any other symptoms, I didn’t let the sniffles keep home. With me. All day.

Logan and I ran errands on Tuesday. The weather was gorgeous all week. On Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat, and had to go to the dentist. By Thursday I knew I had Ben’s cold (too many kisses from that sweet boy!), but ran errands with Logan anyway. By Friday I was dying. Christopher had job interviews (within Expedia), so he couldn’t stay home. I ended up taking this sand table and bag of sand that had been sitting in the garage for a year, waiting for a day like today. The little boys loved it, of course, and played for an hour. As we started to go inside, Ben announced he had locked us out of the house. Sigh. Thankfully, Shay had a key, but I still had to walk over there and get it. The weather was awesome but I was dragging. I need to make some copies of the house key and leave it with a closer neighbor.

Christopher came home early Friday and took Gavin and Ben to Gavin’s baseball practice and Megan watched Logan for me. She even bathed him and put him in his pj’s. She’s a reluctant helper but I tell her I’m just giving her valuable job training so she can make lots of money babysitting other kids. Gavin’s about ready for some job training, too.

Saturday morning was a gorgeous, jam-packed day. Of course I felt awful and stayed home the whole time. First, Gavin had his first baseball game at 9 a.m. He bounded into my room, fully dressed. Then an email reminded us that he had to wear a cup. So we dug that out of the summer stuff from last year, and had him try it on. It fit fine, but he didn’t like it. It was uncomfortable. And Gavin is not one to be uncomfortable. After a level 5 meltdown–which involved a lot of crying and quitting the team and gathering up all his baseball stuff (cleats, glove, hat) and asking me to “take it away! I never want to see it again!”–Christopher and I gave up. Then Megan went in and offered Gavin some money to play. She is planning to set up a face painting stand at his games and she offered him a small cut of the profits. In a flash, he was dressed again, and the cup was suddenly bearable. Off they went to the game. Logan and I stayed home.

After the game, they changed and went to the UW campus to see the trees and hang out with Christopher’s Chinese friends from work. Christopher’s coworkers have been wanting to hang out with our family, and take some pictures of the kids. I was disappointed I couldn’t go, and Logan, on day 8 of the antibiotics, started coughing and snotting again, so he stayed home with me. They also stopped at the new Lynnwood Root Beer Store and got root beer floats.

When they got home, Gavin ran off to a birthday party (in the neighborhood, yay!) and I sat in the driveway while the little kids ran around. We ordered pizza for dinner and went to bed early. Christopher is getting the cold of death, too. Aren’t we dramatic?

Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny managed to leave the kids some candy, but nothing else. I was never big on toys for Easter, anyway. We tried to focus on the Savior and talked a lot during the week about the last week in the Savior’s life, from Palm Sunday, to the cleansing of the temple, to His parables and teachings, then finally, the Atonement, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. We were invited to multiple egg hunts and dinners (I love our friends!), but sadly, we’ve had to decline. I’m really bummed I had to miss singing in the Easter choir and egg hunts with friends, but what are you going to do? Hopefully once we move out of the toddler stage we won’t be getting sick all the time. And I hope next Easter is as sunny and beautiful as today.

Despite being sick, we have so much to be thankful for, most of all the knowledge that a loving Savior atoned for our sins, died on the cross, and rose from the tomb. We can be imperfect, because He was perfect. We can be whole because of His sacrifice. We can live our lives without fear and with faith, love, and charity.

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2 thoughts on “Easter Week

  1. We are on about Round I Can’t Even Count That High of the crud around here, too. Bill is spending the next 2 1/2 months in Norfolk for some stupid training, and I was up late, working/feeling sorry for myself when I read this from your blog – “Then Megan went in and offered Gavin some money to play. She is planning to set up a face painting stand at his games and she offered him a small cut of the profits. In a flash, he was dressed again, and the cup was suddenly bearable.”

    And oh my gosh, I am just a giggling now. Right here at 12:33 in the morning.

    There are definitely parts of this stage of life that are exhausting, but man oh man, this type of material is priceless. I LOVE your kids.

  2. I gave up on trying to make Thomas wear a cup. Since he’s stuck in left field anyway I’m not too worried. That Megan girl is something else. Like her momma.

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