Feeling better

Monday was another gorgeous day, but I felt horrible! In the afternoon I decided I go begging for antibiotics at urgent care, but it was worth it to wait until I could go sans kids. Unfortunately, Gavin had a baseball game, so it wasn’t until 8 p.m. or so that I headed to the doc. Gavin’s game went well. He was playing at the middle school so I was just hanging out with the little boys on the track (Christopher is coaching). Another mom had brought a boatload of toys and Ben and his new buddy Luca played in the long jump sand pit. Cool fact: the middle school is getting astroturf fields and a rubberized track next year. Move over Morris Brandon. The middle school has 300+ kids on the track team, so maybe even Megan will join up. Maybe.

Tuesday Ben had school and I stayed home with snotty Logan. Wednesday morning the weather was nice and we played outside for a good hour and a half. In the afternoon Gavin had Scouts and Megan had Activity Days. I chased the little guys around the church for an hour, rather than leave and come back. Another boy in the neighborhood just turned eight so we’ll start carpooling. That will be nice.

Thursday was more school for Ben, and Logan and I ran errands. I bought a huge lot of books (for Megan and Gavin – 4th-8th grade level) off craigslist, mailed a package, and dropped my vacuum cleaner at the Oreck store for it’s warranty tune-up. Boring stuff, but oddly fulfilling.

Today was a wet day, but I took the boys out with boots on when the rain stopped. They ran around and found worms in puddles.

Tonight we invited some friends over for pizza, Ever and his son Ayden. Ever just moved here from Chicago to work for Costco and Ayden is on Gavin’s baseball team. They don’t really know anyone, and Ayden’s mom died several years ago, so they are starting over here, just the two of them. After dinner Christopher and Ever went to shoot guns while Gavin and Ayden have a play date.

This weekend will be relaxing — General Conference. Next week is Spring Break and the weather looks miserable but thankfully we are planning some small day trips.

IMG_20130403_115804 IMG_20130405_110532 IMG_20130405_110859 (1)


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